Of Kings and Gods


It's common in some parts of the world for Metalheads trying to fit in one […]
February 19, 2022
Spartan - Of Kings and Gods album cover

It's common in some parts of the world for Metalheads trying to fit in one Metal genre, and woe to those who try to hear something out of it. There are moments when one feels the existence of a 'rule' that says that one that loves Death Metal acts can't like Heavy Metal or Power Metal bands at the same time (Brazil is an example of it). It's just a loss of time to have such form of thinking, you're the one who pays for your music, so you don't need any permission, and in the end of all, you'll understand that such 'rule' makes son sense, is a curse inherited from the radicals of the 80's. And to create music you must be free of such conceptions and dare to sail in unknown waters. And it's what the Dutch quintet SPARTAN dares to do, as can be heard on "Of Kings and Gods", their second album.

Their musical work can be depicted as a form of Melodic Death Metal, a form that's common: a wonderful fusion between Death Metal with Epic Power Metal, what brings to their music influences from traditional Heavy Metal and Hard Rock as well. So be prepared for massive and catchy melodies and choruses, along with a different musical care on the whole aesthetics of their music (and even some female vocals can be heard, as on "A Siren Song (Odysseus Part 2)"). It's aggressive and brutal, but melodic and truly unusual. It's different, personal, and full of life and energy as well. The band brought Jakob Herrmann (to work on the recording and engineering) and Jacob Hansen (to make the mixing and mastering) to create something different from the current models. And it blends the needed definition with some harsh outfit in many parts. It's really a great result, after all.

Of course, the band still can mature a bit more and turn things even more interesting in the future. But songs as "Prometheus" (the use of Death Metal tempos with charming melodies of Power Metal creates an amazing and catchy energetic appeal, where the harsh vocals shows a great work), "Birth of a God (Alexander Part 1)" (excellent melodies once more, with a massive weight coming from bass guitar and drums, and what lovely themes from the guitars), "A Siren Song (Odysseus Part 2)" (modern melodies and refined rhythmic contrasts can be heard, but the energy of Melodic Death Metal appear and rules), "The Trial" (some influences from Thrash/Death Metal arises in the middle of the melodic ambience of the song, showing the weight of bass guitar and drums once more), "King of the Pantheon" (excellent guitar riffs filled with strategic melodic hooks, and what great screams), and "Tomb of the Great (Alexander Part 2)" are showing the unquestionable value of the work to Metal scene. Of course, a lot of resistance can be expected from extreme fans of Death Metal and Power Metal, because these differences cause such an effect. But they're a band for open-minded Metalheads, a huger republic that's greater than both parts.

Once more, SPARTAN is an excellent band and has potential to go where none has stepped before. In case of doubt, listen to "Of Kings and Gods" and have the answer yourself (even if you can lie in front of a mirror).

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Of Kings and Gods" Track-listing:

1. The Fires of Helios (Intro)
2. Prometheus
3. Birth of a God (Alexander Part 1)
4. A Siren Song (Odysseus Part 2)
5. The Trial
6. Son of Kronos (Interlude)
7. King of the Pantheon
8. Supremacy
9. Tomb of the Great (Alexander Part 2)
10. Kingdom of the Dead (Odysseus Part 1)

Spartan Lineup:

Jeff - Vocals
Pieter - Guitars
Nick - Guitars
Mike - Bass
Frank Bos - Drums

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