Enthrone Death


A good release from this Old School Death Metal act, but if you don't ask too much of it...
April 17, 2024

After being a part of the URSS for more than 40 years, Poland became a free country and it enabled a Metal scene to lay foundations there. Today, the country is famous for breeding Metal acts as VADER, BEHEMOTH, HATE, CRYSTAL VIPER, DEPACITATED, VESANIA, MGŁA and others, not being focused on only one or two Metal genres (besides the idea of a scene with more extreme Metal acts is clear to anyone). And here is one young name from the country: SOULCARRION, with its second full-length, “Enthroned Death”. The band brought Darek Młody for the mixing and mastering done at in PanzerStudio (and he played the drums on the album as well). The result is an organic, putrid and old-fashioned sonority usual for Old School Death Metal acts. It’s rough and crude, but’s not hard to understand what’s being expressed by the band. And the artwork and layout created by Maciej Kamuda Art don’t leave doubts about the band’s musical ways. And as guest, here is Vesper Locust on the vocals on “Enthrone Death”.

The band uses an Old School Death Metal outfit that relies on a musical formula between the First and the Second wave of the genre, mainly with elements used by acts from Finnish, Swedish, German and English Death Metal schools on their prime. As expected, the band uses all those clichés that were usual for acts as BENEDICTION, UNLEASHED, DISMEMBER, ASPHYX, PESTILENCE, ENTOMBED, SINISTER and others on their primordial ways, when all of them were mainly traditional Death Metal acts. But even being the band’s second full-length; it depicts a band that needs to mature a bit more and to walk out of the shadows of their influences. It’s not good, but their musical efforts must be coherent to breed a personality.

It’s not a waste of time, because you’ll find good catchy moments on “Cage of Nothingness” (good contrasts between fast and slow moments), “Night Ceremony” (very good drumming, indeed), “Enthrone Death”, “Oblivion” (some good guitar parts are heard here) and “Deathoskullum”, but their potential is greater than is shown. Maybe they’re trying to be attached to older musical conceptions, and in reality, such ideas could be worked in a better way if they try to be themselves, not a kind of ‘option’ to bands that followed other ways.

Again: SOULCARRION is a band with potential, but must work its musical ideas in a better way than is shown on “Enthrone Death”.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Enthrone Death" Track-listing:
  1. Cage of Nothingness
  2. Night Ceremony
  3. Enthrone Death
  4. Infernal Agony
  5. Oblivion
  6. Revenge is Mine
  7. Deathoskullum
  8. World of Putridity
Soulcarrion Lineup:

Michał - Guitars, Bass
Greg - Lead Guitars
Mateusz Sibila - Vocals (session)
Darek Młody - Drums (session)

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