The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes

Sonic Medusa

After the period when Metal was the greatest musical style in the Unites States of […]
December 23, 2015
Sonic Medusa - The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes album cover

After the period when Metal was the greatest musical style in the Unites States of America, from the middle of the 80's until 1992, the country was a great warehouse of bands from many different Metal styles. But as soon as Alternative Music took over the parades, and the giants tried hard to adapt in a new shape for the masses, to play Metal became again a manifestation of passion into the underground scene. So, to play as SONIC MEDUSA, from Los Angeles, does on the EP "The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes" is a matter of passion. And this is what binds us all to their music.

They play a classic and melodic way into traditional Metal, with the weight of BLACK SABBATH mixed with a griping energy that reminds a lot JUDAS PRIEST. Ok, I know it's nothing new at all, but their passion, their will to play in this way, turns the things very good. Here, you'll find melodic and good vocals, powerful guitars both on riffs as in solos, and a heavy and good rhythmic session. And their music doesn't sound moldy or outdated. No, it pulses with life and energy enough to bind us.

This EP has a very good sound quality that sounds clear and heavy in both ways. It's the American Metal pulsing here, so it demands a clean quality, but when they need, the instrumental tunes sound extremely strong and heavy.

Their four tracks sound so good to our ears. "Medusa" is a high dose of adrenaline, with a tempo not so fast and very good guitar work, and spreading tons of energy. A strong scent of BLACK SABBATH is presented on "Goblin Suite", with those climatic moments with clean guitars and pulsing bass guitar and pounding drums. The hooking and thundering "Cold Wind" is the next, presenting very good vocals once more and hooking riffs. And "Wolf's Prayer" is a heavy and introspective song, with some bitter riffs, but extremely hooking.

These guys must release an album as soon as possible!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes" Track-listing:

1. Medusa
2. Goblin Suite
3. Cold Wind
4. Wolf's Prayer

Sonic Medusa Lineup:

Dirty D. - Vocals, Guitars
Steven Darrow - Guitars
Scott Renner - Bass
Greg Rogers - Drums

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