Last Days of Eden

Sole Syndicate

After the coming of Swedish extreme Metal genres, the country became a great greenhouse where […]
November 19, 2020
Sole Syndicate - Last Days of Eden album cover

After the coming of Swedish extreme Metal genres, the country became a great greenhouse where many different bands bloomed and started to spread good music throughout the world. Today, many good Swedish names are releasing very good albums, in any Metal (or Rock) genre the readers can think of. One of them is from SOLE SYNDICATE, and they're releasing "Last Days of Eden", their latest album.

It's a catchy and melodic form of Modern/Alternative Metal with tons of accessible moments, something that could be influenced by names as AVENGED SEVENFOLD, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and others with the same vein. But the strength of their musical weight is present in many parts, but the aggressiveness level is not high (to increase the accessibility of the hooks of their songs). It's very good, but can be better in the future, as maturing can do its work.

The production of "Last Days of Eden" was focused to create something defined and clean to increase the understanding of the band's melodies, but it keeps a very good level of weight (due the choice of the instrumental tunes, especially of the guitars). If one can understand a thing on the album, this one must look for an ear doctor as soon as possible.

Ten hooking songs are waiting to be heard and the very good melodic hooks of "Wake Up" (a fine song with a good chorus, vocals and backing vocals), the energetic approach of "...And the Truth Will Set You Free" (but pay attention on the weight of the guitar riffs, because they sound in a way that can remember some tunes similar to "Metallica") and of "We All Fall Apart", the abrasive Hard Rock feeling of "Brothers" (a very good set of tempos here shows how bass guitar  and drums work on a high level), and the crushing slow tempos (that increases the greasy weight) of "Bring Us a Hero" are the ones for a first time on their work.

If you're open-minded or a young Metal fan, dig in, because "Last Days of Eden" was done for you. If you're that kind of person that still lives in the 80's, maybe SOLE SYNDICATE will not satisfy your expectations. But they're really a band that's worthy of being heard, and loud.

8 / 10









"Last Days of Eden" Track-listing:

1. Wake Up
2. ...And the Truth Will Set You Free
3. We All Fall Apart
4. Glory Days
5. We Came to Rock
6. Brothers
7. Pain is Only an Illusion
8. Have You Heard It All Before
9. Bring Us a Hero
10. When Darkness Calls

Sole Syndicate Lineup:

Jonas Månsson - Vocals
Dennis Heltorp - Guitars
Niklas Strandanäs - Guitars
David Gustafsson - Bass
Henrik Zetterlund - Drums

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