The fusion between traditional Heavy Metal and Hard Rock created Glam Metal and many subgenres […]
May 31, 2023
Skinher - Heartstruck album cover

The fusion between traditional Heavy Metal and Hard Rock created Glam Metal and many subgenres into this last one. And even the approaches used by North American School and European School were different: the North American acts, usually, showed a lot of energy and a rebel outfit (as MÖTLEY CRÜE) on their songs; while the European ones (as Norwegian TNT) used something more mature and elegant. Today, such difference isn't clear anymore, because the North American School is extinct (or the new bands of the genre there are into underground), and on Europe, the genre became diverse (as happened on USA during the 80s). But out of the new axis of the genre there are very good and promising acts, as SKINHER, a quartet of Greece that's releasing its first album, "Heartstruck".

It can be said that this quartet uses a heavy approach into Glam Metal/Hard Rock as acts as VAN HALEN on "5150" age, but never denying the melodic appeal and accessibility of the genre (it's hard to resist to their choruses and charming melodies). Ok, one can say that 'this formula is old, man', and this affirmative is right; but the personality of the band fills every second of music, so things gain a renew energy and an approach that will bring back to some the same feeling experienced by the older ones during the second half on the 80s. But one thing must be clear: the band knows how to mix weight with melodic accessibility. Dimitrios Douvras is the producer of the album, and did the mixing as well, and Alan Douches did the mastering of the songs using analogue techs. All to make the band's music sounds clean and defined, but with the necessary weight and an organic touch that makes things even better. And things work in a very good way, allowing the band to be understood by anyone. And by the way, the band brought a special guest: Sakis Bandis (of HAIL SPIRIT NOIR, HORIZON'S END, KOSTA VRETO, STARGATE and former WIZARDS) made the synth solo of "Night Cull".

"Heartstruck" can be said as a tribute to the 80s in many aspects, but without sounding outdated. It's just a matter of tasting songs as "You Are Next!" (what charming melodies, great chorus and excellent vocals and backing vocals), "The Maniac is Back" (where VAN HALEN's influence can be heard, especially during the guitar arrangements), "Interstellar Love Hysteria" (where some AOR accessible melodies can be heard, especially due the presence of excellent synth parts), "Night Cull" (this is nearer Glam Metal and Heavy Metal boundary, because it's heavier than the previous one, with a thunderous work of bass guitar and drums and some moments with arrangements nearer German Power Metal), and "Dance with the Dead" to become addicted to their work.

For a first coming, "Heartstruck" is really a very good release, but more can be expected of SKINHER in the future. They're pretty good and have more potential than is shown in the album.

8 / 10









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"Heartstruck" Track-listing:

1. You Are Next!
2. The Maniac is Back
3. Interstellar Love Hysteria
4. Night Cull
5. He Sees You
6. Self-Eating Creatures
7. Dance with the Dead
8. Josephine

Skinher Lineup:

Cons Marg - Vocals
Theo Liratzakis - Rhythm Guitar
Kyle Skinher - Bass, Synth
Hakon Freyr Gustafsson - Drums

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