The Withering Of The Blue Flower

Silent Revenants

This German sextet plays a hooking form of Symphonic Metal blended with an ample set of influences, so hear to it to decipher their ideas.
January 17, 2024

CELTIC FROST is the endless source of inspiration for many different Metal genres. From Black Metal and Death Metal to Industrial Metal, Symphonic Metal and Gothic Metal, albums as “To Mega Therion” and (especially) “Into the Pandemonium” set the foundations for the future, even with the band earning bad fame on its days due the radical insight of Metal fans on that time. Today, as the genres evolved, they gathered more and more influences and features that defined their boundaries in a way that’s impossible to detect their roots. And as a heir of such load comes the German sextet SILENT REVENANTS comes with its second album, “The Withering of the Blue Flower”.

As usual, the band focuses its energy to create a form of Symphonic Metal with elements of Power Metal and even some extreme snarls (as heard on some backing vocals on “The Withering of the Blue Flower”), some NWOBHM melodic arrangements (as clearly heard on the guitars on “Searching for Eden”), and with the use of bagpipes and violins that brings a touch of Folk music to their work. It bears a melodic and tender appeal that is filled with an accessible touch and a good technical level as well (but with make things exaggerated), and it’s clear that they show their personality during all the songs. The sonority of “The Withering of the Blue Flower” bears a clean and defined sonority, but unlike other bands of the genre, things here have a clear distorted feeling that enables the guitars to have an important role in the band’s music. In other words, they evade something grandiose and pompous and preferred something with a ‘live’ touch that works.

The band shows 10 songs (11 on the 2022’s original digital release, with “Roc” being a bonus track) rich in emotions, all of them being able to catch the attention easily. But “The Withering of the Blue Flower” (this one is a classic Symphonic Metal song with emphasis on the keyboards orchestrations, but with excellent vocals as well), “Searching for Eden” (fine contrasts between melodic parts with heavier moments, with bass guitar and drums creating fine rhythms, and great guitar duets can be heard as well), “Flesh Golem” (so Folk music elements can be heard on this song’s melodies, especially due the use of bag pipes), “Embers” (violins temper things with a Folk music touch, but’s not hard to check some Pop Rock and Power Metal elements as well), “Will-O’-The Wisp” (a noir Jazz-like feeling fills some parts of this one, and what very good vocals), “Storm Witches” (again elements of Folk music appears in the middle of the Symphonic Metal melodies of the band), and “Let the Dragons Fly Forever” are the right ones to begin with.

SILENT REVENANTS is proof that there’s hope for Symphonic Metal’s future, and “The Withering of the Blue Flower” is pointing to it.

8 / 10









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"The Withering Of The Blue Flower" Track-listing:
  1. The Withering of the Blue Flower
  2. Searching for Eden
  3. Flesh Golem
  4. Embers
  5. Will-O’-The Wisp
  6. Siren
  7. Storm Witches
  8. Horizons
  9. Let the Dragons Fly Forever
  10. Orphaned Angels
Silent Revenants Lineup:

Denise - Vocals, Great Highland Pipe, Whistles
Julian - Guitars
Marina - Keyboards
Elora Dönnebrink - Violin
Hermann - Bass
Julien Buchholz - Drums

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