Back From Hell

Siegrid Ingrid

The Brazilian Thrash Metal/Hardcore Beast is back from Hell to conquer you all!
December 13, 2023

In all mythologies of the world, there’s always stories that tells about spirits that never rest. It can be said the same in the Metal/Rock scene, because there are many bands refusing to die and to stay dead, maybe due the fact that they still need to show something, or the members need to express ideas in form of music. And one more soul came back to life: SIEGRID INGRID, a Brazilian quintet from São Paulo that became a cult during the 90s. And as a statement that they’re in between the living again, here is “Back from Hell”, their third (and new) album.

Joining members of the past and some new ones, the idea behind the quintet’s music is intact: an intense and savage mix between Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore, and Death Metal, but with some extreme low grunts in some moment inherited from Deathcore (and some instrumental parts as well, as heard on “Dead Inside”). For those that still remember their musical work, nothing changed, it’s the same old spirit, but with some new touches. And it’s great to have the quintet back, spewing forth aggressiveness and energy in all directions without caring for nothing that isn’t to blow the ears of the listeners off.

The band had Michel Oliveira with them on Sputinik Studio (at São Paulo), with the vocals being recorded at Dual Noise Estúdio (São Paulo), and he did the production, mixing and mastering of “Back from Hell”. And things worked in a way that brings the quintet’s music to the present, giving to it the weight and aggressiveness it needs, but in a defined way. And the artwork created by the band’s drummer Herbert Loureiro (and that received some help from Wanderley Perna of WDesigner) is disturbing, and works as an invitation to the fans. And as guests, the band had Rohh Krammer (of NEPHALL) on “Never Again”, Henrique Fogaça (of OITÃO) on “Fuck! I Hate You”, and Mayara “Undead” Puertas (of TORTURE SQUAD) on “Dead Inside”. Oh, it is important to say that the physical copies is being released by a pool of labels: Voice Music, Tumba Records, Cogumelo Records, Rock Brigade Records, Fuck It All Records, BC Noise Records, Tu Pank Records, Lokaos, Undergrind Records, Two Beers Or Not Two Beers and Cianeto Discos.

It’s not hard to deal with the quintet’s music, filled with lyrics that makes the hearers think about some important matters (as the abuse with women, the alienation done by religions and politicians), as their Hardcore roots demands. And their aggressiveness can be heard at its peak on songs as “Nojo” (with lyrics on Portuguese, it’s a massive flow of energy and aggressiveness that mixes Thrash Metal and Hardcore with some grunts from Death Metal, with a sharp attack from the guitars), “In Search of Light” (another killer assault, with thunderous double bass and blast beats parts, clearly into a Grindcore tendency in some moments, demanding a lot from bass guitar and drums), “Drásticas Consequências” (a hardcorized Thrash Metal with many hooks, with astonishing guitars riffs and solos slashing the necks, a perfect song for a live show), “Never Again” (another assault with massive energy, but with refined arrangements, and excellent contrasts between the vocals), “Fuck! I Hate You” (it’s impossible to resist to its short Hardcore appeal, again with very good vocals showing ample range of tunes), “Dead Inside” (that brings some refreshing influences to the band’s music without tearing apart their identity, with Mayara’s grunts creating very good contrasts), and… Please, it’s almost impossible to say that “Templo dos Vermes”, “The Visionary” or “Suffocated” aren’t in the same set of great songs.

All that’s left to say is that SIEGRID INGRID is back to shake necks and destroy ears. And as they’re “Back from Hell”, this is precisely what the doctor said that’s good for keeping the heart in great shape.

10 / 10









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"Back From Hell" Track-listing:
  1. Back from Hell
  2. Nojo
  3. In Search of Light
  4. Drásticas Consequências
  5. Never Again
  6. Fuck! I Hate You
  7. Dead Inside
  8. Templo dos Vermes
  9. The Visionary
  10. Suffocated
Siegrid Ingrid Lineup:

M. Punk - Vocals
L. Morales “Borô” - Guitars
André Gubber - Guitars
Luiz Berenguer - Bass
Herbert Loureiro - Drums

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