Scavengers Of A Dying Sun


I still can't understand why in the blazes some bands prefer to use a "fuck […]
October 6, 2015
Shit - Scavengers Of A Dying Sun album cover

I still can't understand why in the blazes some bands prefer to use a "fuck you" insight when dealing with their own music sometimes.

When I was gathering some information about this band, that has members from USA and Mexico, I find a lot of that preaching that here, in Brazil, we call "true Metal" with despise, because it's more hilarious than menacing. SHIT's work is not a shitty one, because inside their first album, called "Scavenger Of A Dying Sun", there are very good things in musical form.

They are mixing an aggressive insight of Old School Death Metal as those we saw on Floridian bands like DECIDE and CANNIBAL CORPSE with some influences coming from Crust and Black Metal bands as SARCÓFAGO, MYSTIFIER and BLASPHEMY. Obviously they don't sound as something new and different from many bands we heard before, but their insight is very personalized, let me tell you.

The sound quality is good enough for us to understand what the band is playing, and this is a virtue (we see a lot of bands that are confused, thinking that to sound as a rotten flattering inside a room is to sound aggressive). And they have a very good dose of weight as well.

Their seven songs are very fine, indeed, but I dare to point to the abrasive and harsh "On the Wings of Extermination" (in some moments, you can think of something from NAPALM DEATH is inside their personality due the Crust influence, but soon you realize that they have some very good riffs), the fast and thunderous "Land of the Levant" (with some Black Metal elements more evident on vocals and on riffs. But pay attention to the tempos used by bass and drums), the bitter "Bearer of the Stigma" (with some great slower moments, where the vocals are really using very good grunts along intense shrieks), and the intense "The Apostasy".

And on the album, they had as guests Lorenzo Kemp playing lead guitars on "On the Wings of Extermination", Antimo Buonnano on backing vocals on "Bearer of the Stigma", and Melchor Félix on lead guitars on "Revenant Worship".

They are a good band, do a very good work, and I really don't think their name reflects the reality of their musical work.

8 / 10


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"Scavengers Of A Dying Sun" Track-listing:

1. On The Wings Of Extermination
2. World Suicide
3. Land Of The Levant
4. Bearer Of The Stigma
5. Sulphur The Right
6. The Apostasy
7. Revenant Worship

Shit Lineup:

Samuel Townsley - Vocals
Isaac Vargas - Guitars
Noel Bello - Guitars
Carlos Escobar - Bass
Mackoy Uribe - Drums

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