The Paradox

Ship of Theseus

The need to create something different in music is a driving force to a few […]
March 9, 2019
Ship Of Theseus - The Paradox album cover

The need to create something different in music is a driving force to a few today, when clones wants to recollect every little musical cliché and do what was already done countless times in the past more and more. For those, the experience is simple: you'll be forgotten in little time. But the ones who try something new are fighting against all the odds, as the quintet SHIP OF THESEUS is here to proove with "The Paradox".

It's not so easy to label their musical work, and barely can be seen as a blend between DREAM THEATER, NEVERMORE, and the works of DEVIN TOWNSEND, always using with some modern abrasive greasy tunes and charming melodies that aren't so difficult to assimilate, some Thrash Metal elements can be heard as well, and much more. The best definition is, anyway, to call their work simply as Progressive Modern Metal or something like that (being not as technical as many could think). Leaving the labels aside, their musical work is something really different from the usual, and with such energetic approach that will gain the listeners quickly!

The production worked in a way that could bring together all the musical elements of their work, and it wasn't something so easy to be done. The greasy tunes on the musical instruments didn't make them sound entangled, keeping the clarity that a Prog Metal band must bear. And having in mind that it's just the first album of this side project (the musicians are all from other bands), with Gregg Bissonette playing drums on the second version of "Time Has Come" (the one that ends the album) as special guest.

"The Paradox" is like a fractal with endless shapes and colors that will try the senses of anyone who hears the album. And the nasty modern melodies of "Reborn" (excellent vocals and guitars), the abrasive feeling that fills "Time Has Come" (great guitar solos), the charming and seductive rhythm of "Hear Me Out" (what a lovely chorus), the weaving melodies of "Like a Butterfly", the deeper introspection presented on "The Promise", and the tender keyboards parts of "The Cage" (where some extreme Metal drumming appears) are the finest shots of the album.

Creative and really seductive, SHIP OF THESEUS can't spawn just one album, so let's hope for a sequel for "The Paradox" is in their plans.

10 / 10









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"The Paradox" Track-listing:

1. The Paradox
2. Reborn
3. Time Has Come
4. Hear Me Out
5. Blue
6. Suspended
7. Like a Butterfly
8. The Promise
9. Reflections in the Mirror
10. The Cage
11. Wounded
12. Ending
13. Time Has Come (feat Gregg Bissonette)

Ship of Theseus Lineup:

Michele Guaitoli - Vocals
Marco Cardona - Guitars
Alessandro Galliera - Guitars
Giorgio Terenziani - Bass
Paolo Crimi - Drums

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