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To start this review, I must state a thing: this isn't the Black Metal band […]
November 28, 2015
Shining - International Blackjazz Society album cover

To start this review, I must state a thing: this isn't the Black Metal band from Sweden, widely known for many polemics, and that has the same name. No, this SHINING I am talking about comes from Oslo (Norway), and they are into a very different style from the other one (with all respect for the other guys' work). Give a hearing on their new album, "International Blackjazz Society", and you'll understand clearly what ol' Big Daddy here is trying to explain. And to be honest: it's not an easy task to translate to mere words the music these guys are making.

This fine quartet is specialized in creating a totally different type of Avant-garde music, using some extremely technical songs, with many broken tempos, strong insight in the use of saxophones, a screamed and harsh vocal (with aggressive normal tunes), strange and good riffs and keyboards parts, and an excellent rhythmic session, to guarantee their chaotic and strong music. Besides it's very difficult to absorb and comprehend at first hearing (especially if you're a radical Metal fan, or fan from some 80s Dolly Metal clones), the band is excellent, with a totally new way of playing music, with complex tempos, a Jazz orientated approach on each single song, and experimental atmospheres. But the weight is here, presented in very good does, so be prepared.

The sound quality they got is really excellent, clear and heavy in the way they need. But the noisy experimental side of their songs is extremely evident as well, so we can say that the recording, production, mixing and mastering were done with great care.

As you came used to the album, the more it will reveal to you its wonderful secrets. And as songs as the abrasive and hypnotic "The Last Stand" (filled with excellent vocals and very good  rhythmic work on bass and drums), the punch of noisy and complex music called "Burn It All" (a wall of insane and distorted riffs along with the bass guitar lines is created in some moments), the organic and full of groove "Thousand Eyes", the chaos transformed into music called "House Of Warship" (where very good use of saxophone is heard, along with fine drumming, and even some Latin rhythm influences seems to arise on it), and the arson in the brain called "Need" (filled with some excellent riffs and saxophones) can be seen as their best moments. But do not ignore the other songs!

Excellent band, and their music speaks for them!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"International Blackjazz Society" Track-listing:

1. Admittance
2. The Last Stand
3. Burn It All
4. Last Day
5. Thousand Eyes
6. House Of Warship
7. House Of Control
8. Church Of Endurance
9. Need

Shining Lineup:

Jørgen Munkeby - Saxophone, flute, guitar, vocals
Håkon Sagen - Guitars
Eirik Tovsrud Knutsen - Keyboards, synthesizer
Ole Vistnes - Bass
Tobias Ørnes Andersen - Drums

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