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When a musician with great and long experience in the scene comes to make a […]
July 13, 2022
Shed the Skin - Thaumogenesis album cover

When a musician with great and long experience in the scene comes to make a band, people can look for similarities between the older and the newer work. Sometimes it can be a deception, because some musicians don't bear the limitations that some fans like to have, as hearing just one or two Metal genres. And in the case of the North American quartet SHED THE SKIN, one must pay attention for what "Thaumogenesis" is before having conceptions before hearing to it.

The words above are a warning, because Matt and Ed play on BEYOND FEAR, the band of Tim "Ripper" Owen, so one could be sure it's a Heavy Metal release, and it's not. This is a Death Metal album in the vein of North American School of the genre, bearing similarities to acts as MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, DEATH and others, but with a personal approach (even with Kyle playing on INCANTATION, the resemblance between the two bands are just a few), but with some touches from themes used by non-Death Metal acts (as some melodic arrangements heard on "Thaumogenesis" and on the guitar solos). It's brutal, nasty and full of energy, and it's really very good. The sonority of the album is a sign of things done with care, because even brutal and rough (it's something expected, because it's a Death Metal release, after all), everything can be heard and understood without problems. And the band is using very good and defined instrumental tunes, especially on the guitars.

The album is a massive pile-driving experience, even for Death Metal fans with a long experience in the genre. But to have a clear idea of what this album is about, hear to "Thaumogenesis" (a massive and brutal song filled with many excellent instrumental arrangements, and what great riffs and solos), "She of Urgarit" (great sets of Death Metal hooks, and what great work on the grunts of the vocals), "Invincible in Iron" (excellent slow tempos that allows the existence of bitter and somber ambiences, and again, very good guitars), "Slaughtered in the Solar Eclipse" (another song with charming rhythmic elements due the contrasts of speed, what means that bass guitar and drums are working in an excellent form), "Quenched from Kapala" (the hooks naturally inherited from Hardcore can be heard in many moments, and the rhythmic brutality is amazing), "Blades of the Lightning Altar" (this is the right track to cause riots and mosh-pits in the shows due its lovely and charming energy, and your neighbors will complain a lot), and "Voces Mysticae". You won't regret the experience!

Yes, SHED THE SKIN did a great work on "Thaumogenesis", so enjoy to it until your ears bleed and explode!

10 / 10









"Thaumogenesis" Track-listing:

1. Ingress-Thaumogenesis
2. She of Urgarit
3. Invincible in Iron
4. Slaughtered in the Solar Eclipse
5. Hounds of Orrea
6. Quenched from Kapala
7. Blood Runs Red
8. Blades of the Lightning Altar
9. Snow Forest Sacrifice
10. Voces Mysticae-Egress

Shed the Skin Lineup:

Ash Thomas - Vocals, Guitars
Matt Sorg - Guitars
Ed Stephens - Bass
Kyle Severn - Drums

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