Embrace the Fury

Shallow Ground

I understand the revival of sound forms from the 80s. It's caused by the passions […]
August 3, 2016
Shallow Ground - Embrace the Fury album cover

I understand the revival of sound forms from the 80s. It's caused by the passions and legends about those days. Indeed, those times were so good for us, who lived and shared our common love: Heavy Metal. But the problem to try such thing on these times is that those forms of playing Metal are long gone. OK, Big Daddy here admits that is so good to hear bands from those times today, and it's even better if they release albums. There is the case of those bands that started to play just a little after the 80s were over, and tried to play and keep that feeling alive. But it's dead; it's just a thing about time. But even with that, is good to hear veterans as SHALLOW GROUND, from Connecticut, that started their career on the 90s, went on a hiatus, and are back since 2009. Since then, they are releasing albums, and "Embrace the Fury" is their second one.

There's nothing new here. It's the same Thrash Metal style that North American band used to play, something that will remind bands as NUCLEAR ASSAULT, M.O.D and S.O.D, but it's not bad or a carbon copy of something we heard before. It is aggressive, with a good technical level and a melodic energy that will bind you all! The sound quality is good, keeping the music loud and clean. The weight is good as well. But the tunes could be better, because the guitars do not sound as good as they could be. It could be a bit more aggressive, but I think that the trio were trying to find a way to sound in a more Old School trend.

"Once Again" with its violent and fast guitar riffs and very good melodies (and an excellent work from the drums as well), the heavy work from bass guitars and drums on "Brace for Impact", the ironic feeling that permeates "Human Flame" (with not fast tempos, but weighting heavy as hell, and having good ironic vocals), the thunderous rhythmic session work on "F.I.U." (this song reminds something that SLAYER did on "Show No Mercy" times), the heavy hooking grasp sown on "Class Warfare", and the technical and raw "Looking Glass" with it's very good vocals. Listen to it at a loud volume, and be prepared for the trebling of the wall and complains from the neighbors...

8 / 10









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"Embrace the Fury" Track-listing:

1. Once Again
2. Khan
3. Brace for Impact
4. Human Flame
5. Eye of the Storm
6. F.I.U.
7. Class Warfare
8. Looking Glass
9. Slayer of the Gods

Shallow Ground Lineup:

Keith Letourneau - Guitars, vocals
Mark Chrzaszczewski - Bass
Kurt Ragis - Drums

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