Destination Destruction

Satan’s Fall

A melodic and hooking Heavy Metal album with Speed/Poweer Metal influences is what is offered to you by this Finnish quintet.
February 1, 2024

In the past, a feature that was extremely common was for a band having a name based on a song’s title, and it’s not a sin to do such thing. But as the song is famous, it’s an automatic thing to think in similarities between the band and the other one who released the song. And as an old fan of MERCYFUL FATE that I am, seeing that name SATAN’S FALL made me draw parallels between things, but hearing to “Destination Destruction” clearer things. First of all: the only similarity between SATAN’S FALL and the works of King Diamond is that both works into a Traditional Heavy Metal way, and that’s all. The Finnish quintet here has a more melodic work with that Finnish Heavy Metal set of elements, and they inherited some elements of German Speed/Power Metal as well.

The band has a more melodic and tender appeal, what means that they have an excellent set of catching choruses and their songs are filled with precious arrangements, but the vocals (at first) sounds as not 100% fitting on the instrumental sheath due some aggressive clean tunes, but on the second hearing, such idea disappear. And they’re pretty good! The band worked on studio with Lassi Tiainen (producer, recordings, mixing), Mika Jussila (mastering), and the guitarists of the quintet (Tomi Mäenpää and Ville Koskinen) gave a helping hand on the recording of the guitars. The sonority is modern, clean and defined, as usual for traditional Heavy Metal band of the last 20 years, but bearing that essential aggressive nasty touch. And the artwork and layout of Dan Goldsworthy fits on what the album’s title.

As a second album, it bears a wild and savage energy boosting things up, and they’re a band that deserves to grow and become great, because songs as “Lead the Way” (a fine traditional Heavy Metal song that aligns melodies and aggressiveness in the same proportions, with excellent guitar riffs, arrangements and leads), “Garden of Fire” (again the band bets on excellent Heavy Metal melodies, with something inherited from NWOBHM in many points, and what good work of the vocals can be heard), “Swines for Slaughter” (that shows some traits of Speed/Power Metal in many moments, especially on the chorus and on bass guitar and drums rhythmic work), “Afterglow” (again elements of NWOBHM arises on the harmonies), “Dark Star” (that bears that essential and introspective touch that is known from Finnish Heavy Metal bands), and of course the bonus songs, and both seems to be linked to TV shows: “Es Wird Viel Passieren” (of the German program Marienhof), and “Go Go Power Rangers” (of the North American ‘Control C+ Control V’ series Power Rangers, that uses Japanese Super Sentai series scenes to be put along with North American actors' scenes).

A fine surprise is what “Destination Destruction” offers to the listeners, so let yourself know what SATAN’S FALL is about.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Destination Destruction" Track-listing:
  1. Lead the Way
  2. Garden of Fire
  3. Swines for Slaughter
  4. Monster’s Ball
  5. Afterglow
  6. No Gods, No Masters
  7. Kill the Machine
  8. Dark Star
  9. Es Wird Viel Passieren
  10. Go Go Power Rangers
Satan’s Fall Lineup:

Miika Kokko - Vocals
Tomi Mäenpää - Guitars
Ville Koskinen - Guitars
Joni Petander - Bass
Arttu Hankosaari - Drums

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