A Celestial Beating

Satanic Tea Co

EP's are released for many different reasons: to keep a name in evidence (especially if […]
June 21, 2023
Satanic Tea Co - A Celestial Beating album cover

EP's are released for many different reasons: to keep a name in evidence (especially if a band is young), to use older material that won't fit on future releases, and many more. But there are ideas that can be shown that would astonish the puritan fans of each Metal genre one can think of. And to deal with the Canadian SATANIC TEA CO. demands an open mind sometimes, but musically, it's hard to ask more of them than is shown on "A Celestial Beating". The visual outfit can make one think that is dealing with a Black Metal act, but it's not the case.

The quintet uses a Death Metal model to create songs, something based on older works of acts as SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, and others, always trying to show some Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore traits, and even some Deathcore elements (check them clearly in the sound fusion shown on "Shit Karma"), and it's hard to take them seriously due some pics on internet (that one of the vocalist Crucifix drinking tea or coffee with a cat is hilarious), but musically, they're extremely serious, with a form of music that's aggressive, full of energy and that drills into the hearers' ear without mercy. The sonority used by the band on "A Celestial Beating" is defined and clean, in a way that the hearers will have no difficulties to understand what's being played. But take care with your eardrums: it's a Death Metal release, so brutality and distortion are presented in a form that isn't usual. It can make the walls of one house tremble.

"Septic Savior" is brutal and fast, with some slow paced tempos inherited from Brutal Death Metal, and it's filled with contrasting growls and screams. On "Shit Karma", the slower preference for the rhythms brings the band's musical work nearer of some similar features of Deathcore, and with a heavy and good work on bass guitar and drums. Again focusing slow tempos on the beginning (but using a better shaped technical appeal), soon "Dissection of Christ" explodes in fast aggressiveness of Grindcore, but the rhythms are always changing from fast to slow. And "A Celestial Beating" is a fast draw of guitar riffs and arrangements, with many Grindocre and Deathcore influences appearing (but always with very good guitars arrangements).

If it's time for some tea or a break for coffee, SATANIC TEA CO. is here to put things up with aggressive music. So drink it and shake your heads as "A Celestial Beating" is playing.

8 / 10









"A Celestial Beating" Track-listing:

1. Purgatory Precursor
2. Septic Savior
3. Shit Karma
4. Chemical Paradise
5. Dissection of Christ
6. A Celestial Beating

Satanic Tea Co Lineup:

Crucifix - Vocals
Khorne - Guitars
Oro - Guitars
Zodd - Bass
Belial - Drums

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