Satanik Overdose of Hell

Satan Worship

This album is really a Thrash/;Black Metal blow in the stomach!
December 28, 2023

All the extreme Metal genres were born from MOTÖRHEAD, it’s not a secret. And Thrash/Black Metal was born from the personal readings of KREATOR (on “Endless Pain” and “Pleasure to Kill” days), DESTRUCTION (the era of “Sentence of Death”, “Infernal Overkill” and “Eternal Devastation” is really influential), SODOM (obviously that “In the Sign of Evil” plays a whole on Thrash/Black Metal, but “Obsessed By Cruelty”, “Expurse of Sodomy” and “Persecution Mania” are the right influences of the genre) and SLAYER (no one can deny the importance of “Show No Mercy”, “Haunting the Chapel” and “Hell Awaits” for the genre) of Lemmy’s gang lessons. Many try to expand limits, others prefer to stay inside Black/Thrash Metal boundaries, and good releases can be found on both. But what “Satanik Overdose of Hell”, the third full length of the international band SATAN WORSHIP is offering? The answer can be read here.

The band is a trio with musicians from Germany and Brazil, known for their wholes on acts as AGONIZED, HONEY BADGER, SODOMIZER, SEXTRASH, HELLKOMMANDER, INFEKTOR, HELL’S PUNCH and others. The influences of their other (and past) works can be heard, as of the names of the first paragraph as well (but some Hardcore/Punk Rock and Crossover touches can be heard on some moments, and even a ‘motörheadian’ influence as heard on “Die Hündin Von Buchenwald” and “Sange de Drac”). But pay attention: the experience of the musicians allows their Thrash/Black Metal approach to have a personal appeal. It’s a lecture of the past with a different and personal view, full of energy and is extremely hooking for extreme Metal fans of all kinds. It depends on you to give a spin and have fun (what music is all about, you know). The band worked at Sonic Train Studios, on Varberg (Sweden) under the guidance of Andy LaRocque (yes, the guitarist of KING DIAMOND) on the production, mixing and mastering. All the efforts was to have a rough and nasty sonority, but with the balance, weight and definition that is usual today. It means that aggressiveness and an organic touch can be heard, but in a careful way. And the artwork of Andrzej Kuziola is really very good, using very good contrasts and charming traces.

The band’s music is free of compromises, what means it’s spontaneous, with a clear ‘fuck off’ appeal. And songs as “The Grand Bewitchment” (an amazing Metal Punk energy creating a perfect set of hooks into this Thrash/Black Metal song, based on charming melodic riffs and arrangements of the guitars, but pay attention to some keyboards touches on the morbid slower moments), “Die Hündin Von Buchenwald” (another moment with a Hardcore/Dirty Hard Rock appeal inherited from MOTÖRHEAD’s influence, but with excellent nasty vocals), “Tempel Der Bestie” (fine contrasts between faster Thrash/Black Metal parts and slower moments, so bass guitar and drums are playing in a solid and great form), “Dahmer’s Freezer” (here one can see as U.S. Metal School and JUDAS PRIEST are important to Thrash/Black Metal, as heard on the melodies and arrangements), “Alcoholic Mosh” (a SEXTRASH old song, here presented on with a refreshed appeal and more aggressive outfit), and “Sange de Drac” (again: this one bears clear influences of MOTÖRHEAD due the dirty Hard Rock/Rock ‘n’ Roll hooks, with very good screams and nasty riffs) can guarantee the quality of what these guys are doing. And it’s very good, indeed.

As a tradition in Metal, the third album of a band is the one who’ll define things, and SATAN WORSHIP passed the test. Yes, “Satanik Overdose of Hell” is really hard to resist.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Satanik Overdose of Hell" Track-listing:
  1. Birth of the Morning Star
  2. The Grand Bewitchment
  3. Die Hündin Von Buchenwald
  4. The Cult of Slaughtered Lambs
  5. Tempel Der Bestie
  6. Los Narcos Satanikos
  7. Dahmer’s Freezer
  8. Alcoholic Mosh
  9. Sange de Drac
  10. Bad Gateway
Satan Worship Lineup:

Leatherface - Vocals, Bass
Max the Nekromancer - Guitars
Marck the Grave Digger Rapist - Guitars
Papa Jupiter - Drums (session)

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