Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual

Sardonic Witchery

The past can be extremely seductive for many fans, especially for those that lived a […]
December 16, 2020
Sardonic Witchery - Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual album cover

The past can be extremely seductive for many fans, especially for those that lived a special period. For example: someone who witnessed the rise and reign of USA Thrash Metal until 1989 have a different, proper, and sometimes passionate, view of things. It happens in any Metal genre, and even musical genre, you can think of. This is one of the reasons behind old formats coming back to life, or the maintenance of old ways. In Black Metal, it's even clearer, because you'll find a band as the Portuguese SARDONIC WITCHERY worshipping the past, as can be heard on "Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual".

The band's musical core is a crude and morbid form of Old School Black Metal, the same one that became popular in the first half of the 90's (and explaining clearly: it means bands from Norway, Sweden, Greece, USA, Brazil and other scenes), with a strong influence from BATHORY from "Bathory" to "Under the Sign of the Black Mark", and from HELLHAMMER as well (due some tunes on the guitars). But the ways that King Demogorgon chooses for the band is personal, with a massive and crude energy flowing from the songs. The album was recorded in five different studios, and it was mixed and mastered by Bruno Silva at Hanuman Studio. But the songs are sounding solid and coherent, and with a sound quality that uses a brutal and aggressive outfit, but in a defined way that allows the listeners to understand what is being played.

Musically, the harsh approach with a more polite set of vocal tunes near to normal voices (different from growling grunts or snarling shrieks) created a very good release. And songs as "O Circulo das Bruxas Perversas" (fine catchy guitar riffs with a morbid energy), the evil essence of "Die for Satan" and "Infernal Kingdom" (both with very good vocals), and the piledriving fast tempos of "Eterna Penumbra" (very solid parts from drums and bass guitar) are the best ones (but all the songs are really very good).

"Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual" is showing that another great name exists in Portugal's extreme Metal scene. E faça a velha chama do Black Metal queimar, SARDONIC WITCHERY!

8 / 10









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"Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual" Track-listing:

1. Intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual) (intro)
2. O Circulo das Bruxas Perversas
3. Die for Satan
4. Infernal Kingdom
5. Licantropia
6. Eterna Penumbra
7. Misantropia
8. Ancient Spirits

Sardonic Witchery Lineup:

King Demogorgon - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Miguel Santos - Drums (Guest Musician)
Chris Menta - Lead Guitar (Guest Musician)

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