Misty Breath of Ancient Forests


Back in the 90's, the Greek Black Metal scene helped to create the musical paradigm […]
November 19, 2020
Sad - Misty Breath of Ancient Forests album cover

Back in the 90's, the Greek Black Metal scene helped to create the musical paradigm of the genre that exists today. The somber and crude approach of Hellenic Black Metal inspired many bands and scenes throughout the world, and names as ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA, ZEMIAL, THOU ART LORD and many more gave form to a model of Black Metal that has the so-called label 'Hellenic Black Metal'. But inheriting some of these elements is the music of the duet SAD, as can be heard on "Misty Breath of Ancient Forests".

They have a crude and sharp approach that is near of what was heard on Norwegian and Swedish Black Metal bands did during the early days of the 90's, being technically simple and focused on creating harsh and crude ambiences through the use of nasty instrumental parts and high-pitched shrieks. Obviously that such formula isn't new, but they do things in a way that is personal. So be prepared. The problem of "Misty Breath of Ancient Forests" resides on the sound quality: such crude and nasty sonority, used to reach an organic feeling with a somber and cold approach. But there are better ways to reach the same result, with a clear and defined outfit. It's a thing that must improve on their next release (and be sure: it won't affect the way they do their music at all).

Musically, the way the band plays is good. And songs as "Self Hatred" (a morbid and nasty ambience created by the guitar riffs), "White Death" (a good set of slow paced tempos in a vein similar to old CELTIC FROST, and with a solid work on bass guitar and drums), "Hades Gazing" (a song that shows good transitions on the rhythm, and fine shrieks as well), and both parts of "Misty Breath of Ancient Forests" are fine samples that they have potential to explore.

For now, "Misty Breath of Ancient Forests" is a good Old School Black Metal release, but SAD can do things in a better way for sure. They have enough potential for such thing.

7 / 10









"Misty Breath of Ancient Forests" Track-listing:

1. Self Hatred
2. Enjoy Your Pettiness
3. Misty Breath of Ancient Forests (Part I)
4. White Death
5. Hellish Ride
6. Misty Breath of Ancient Forests (Part II)
7. Hades Gazing

Sad Lineup:

Nadir - Vocals
Ungod - All Instruments

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