Liber III: Codex Templarum

Sacro Sanctus

The culture of the Templars is an object of many serious studies and theories of […]
October 27, 2018
Sacro Sanctus - Liber III: Codex Templarum album cover

The culture of the Templars is an object of many serious studies and theories of conspiracy throughout the world. It's not a mere coincidence to see that it's the main core of some bands lyrics. On the case of "Liber III: Codex Templarum", the third album of ALBERT BELL'S SACRO SANCTUS (a project from Albert Bell, and from here on I'll shorten the name to SACRO SANCTUS on this review) drown deep in this matter.

But lyrics aren't enough to awaken our interest. The music is always the most important thing, and in the case of SACRO SANCTUS, they have it a lot. Focused on creating a mix between the weight and melodies from traditional Heavy Metal and Doom Metal with the power and aggressiveness of modern days, al works in an excellent way, with songs that bear catchy melodies and a good technical approach (without exaggerations). We could say that their music can remind of a MOTORHEAD with a more melodic insight. Yes, the band is pretty good, although their musical formula was used many times before.

The sound quality of the album is pretty good, because it combines the rough approach they want with a very good melodic aesthetics, but always having in mind that the fans need to understand what's being played. We can say that the crude touch that their music bears is just on the instrumental tunes, so it's the reason for the music flows in such good way from our speakers.

Nine good songs await our ears, and the best ones are "The Widow's Sons" (sounds a bit like BATHORY on "Hammerheart" age, with a simple musical approach, but with very good melodies, and charming keyboards moments), the intense and oppressive approach of the guitars on "Into the Pyre", the charming Hard 'n' Roll melodies of "Order of 13" (this one will remind you of MOTORHEAD in some moments due its hard outfit and melodic guitar solos), the excellent rhythmic changes presented on the climatic "Crown of the Accursed", the raw energy of "Bannockburn", and charming strength of "Rosenkreuz". But the entire album is excellent, really. And for those who wants to know about the band's lyrics, there are explanations about them in the booklet.

SACRO SANCTUS is really an excellent band, and "Liber III: Codex Templarum" really is a great album.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Liber III: Codex Templarum" Track-listing:

1. The Widow's Sons
2. Into the Pyre
3. Order of 13
4. To Die for the Cross
5. Warmonger
6. Crown of the Accursed
7. Bannockburn
8. Mater Europa
9. Rosenkreuz

Sacro Sanctus Lineup:

Albert Bell - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Steve Lombardo - Drums
Owen Grech - Lead Guitars on "To Die for the Cross"

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