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Well, this is a rescue. Yes, the words are right: a rescue, for this album […]
January 5, 2014
Run After To - Run After To / Gjinn And Djinn album cover

Well, this is a rescue. Yes, the words are right: a rescue, for this album is a compilation, having the Demo Tape "Run After To" and the EP "Gjinn And Djinn", both from the Italian trio RUN AFTER TO, who are split since the end of the 80's.

They played a melodic and simple traditional Heavy Metal in the vein of BLACK SABBATH, being like WITCHFINDER GENERAL (in some ways, please) and others from the style, but it's too good the way it is. They really had a good work, with fine guitars, good bass and drums basis, but the vocals sometimes are really annoying, with some tunes not compatible with their work. When you got used, they sound lesser annoying, but in the start... Well, it's trouble.

The sound production is in a good shape, having all instruments in their places. Some can say it's a bit rawer than we're used nowadays, but remember that the original ones came from the 80's. And when the Demo tracks appear, the quality falls down even more.

But it's a honest work, good for all, with very good songs like "Melancholy" (with riffs sounding like and 80's Tony Iommi), and the long "My Name is Man" (the bass and drums are good, the vocals as well, going from ballad moments to more heavier ones), both from the EP, where they are more melodic and accessible. And from the Demo Tape, "Occultism", the heavier "Walking on the Rainbow", "Visions" and "Melancholy", and in these tracks, we can feel a more Doom Metal orientation, where the vocals really fit very well.

A very good work, and I hope the band will reunite and play again.

7 / 10


"Run After To / Gjinn And Djinn" Track-listing:

1. Who Cries for the Children
2. Melancholy
3. My Name is Man
4. Occultism
5. Walking on the Rainbow
6. Visions
7. Melancholy
8. Run After To
9. Exorcism

Run After To Lineup:

Maurizio "Maurice" Cucchiarini - Vocals, guitars
Nikki White - Bass, backing vocals
Fabio Marra - Drums

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