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Switzerland has a strong tradition in Metal. I must state this as a reality. Yes, […]
April 19, 2016
Rizon - Power Plant album cover

Switzerland has a strong tradition in Metal. I must state this as a reality.

Yes, because on the 80s, the country gave to the word seminal names as HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST and CORONER, and not so known bands as MESSIAH. But it seems that Swiss bands always play very good music. It's hard to see names coming from the land of the Alps, but in the greater part of time, the bands are excellent. As the septet RIZON, that is releasing their fourth album, "Power Plant".

They play a melodic and technical way of Power Metal, but having their own personality, due the use of wise heavy and catching melodies, and the constant duets between clean male and female clean voices. And their music can sound grandiose and heavy in some moments, melodic and tender in other ones, but it's always very good. Their music really hooks us by the ear, and the more you get used to their songs, the more you'll be hooked.

Jacob Hansen (who had worked with KAMELOT, ONSLAUGHT, ANCIENT, ABORTED, and many more) is the album's producer, and did the mixing and mastering of it as well. The result is a sound quality that sounds clean and puts every instrument in its place, and with very good tunes. But the work was done in a way that their songs sound heavy in the moments they need.

All songs are really fine, because they are done with not so long duration. On "Power Plant", the mean duration is four minutes per song. But we can name as their best songs the hooking and elegant "Nevermore" (with its fine vocal duets and keyboards) and "Feel the Heat" (with some guitar duets that reminds earlier works from HELLOWEEN); the melodic sense that "If You Rule the World" has (with fine keyboards and a heavy rhythmic kitchen); the excellent and dramatic ballad "Lost Without You" (with a lovely chorus); the aggressive and heavy work of guitars of "Me" and "No Way Out" (this one with fine duets on vocals and charming chorus), the traditional Heavy Metal feeling presented on "Freedom of Life (Part II)".

So, hear it, dears!<

8 / 10









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"Power Plant" Track-listing:

1. Nevermore
2. Feel the Heat
3. Midnight Sun
4. If You Rule the World
5. Lost Without You
6. I Follow You
7. Me
8. New Age Dawn
9. No Way Out
10. Timebomb
11. Freedom of Life (Part I)
12. Freedom of Life (Part II)

Rizon Lineup:

Rahel Fischer - Vocals
Matthias Götz - Vocals
Christian Götz - Guitars
Reto Hähnel - Guitars
Marco Küderli - Keyboards
Maik Kindermann - Bass
Tom Lindegger - Drums

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