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RIBSPREADER is good Death Metal band, coming from Sweden, so you can expect all the […]
February 17, 2014
Ribspreader - Meathymns album cover

RIBSPREADER is good Death Metal band, coming from Sweden, so you can expect all the elements from Swedish Death Metal School in their music. It's good, but really nothing new at all, just that old Death Metal from the 90's, doing music in brutal way, and not so fast.

It's oppressive and brutal, with good grunts, insane and distorted riffs, bass and drums more focused in creating a strong basis than a more technical one, and their music is very simple, nothing too complex and no "speed of light" orientation. But it's the main charm, the reason that binds us all to the style.

The sound production is good, done in a way that their music can exist with an old 90's feeling, not so clean, but good enough to not make their songs sound like a fuzzy mass.

The highlights: "Orchestrating the Cacaphony" (with good changing of tempos and riffs), "Dragged Below", the oppressive "Asylum of the Rotting", and "Skeletonized". But the band needs to make music with more diversity in terms of tempos.

Decent, but could be better.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Meathymns" Track-listing:

1. Orchestrating the Cacaphony
2. Cemetary Dreams
3. As the Blood Flows
4. Dragged Below
5. The Ones Who Hide and Wait
6. Asylum of the Rotting
7. Worm Infested
8. Skeletonized
9. Meathymns

Ribspreader Lineup:

Rogga Johansson - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Andreas Carlsson - Guitars
Brynjar Helgetun - Drums

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