Great Is Our Sin


WOW, these guys are really trying to break our teeth and necks with such excellent […]
September 4, 2016
Revocation - Great Is Our Sin album cover

WOW, these guys are really trying to break our teeth and necks with such excellent work!

Yes, this is really what we can say about the North American Death/Technical Thrash Metal quartet REVOCATION, from Boston (Massachusetts), that is really spitting fire and vomiting aggressiveness with their new album, "Great is Our Sin".

As their style suggests, it's filled with brutality and extreme level of aggressiveness, but it has excellent melodies and very good musical technique, creating something very particular and personalized in a time where clones are pumping everywhere. Their music is based upon very good vocal work (with some raw tunes, but using normal harsh tunes), excellent guitar riffs and melodic solos, and a thunderous and technical rhythmic session (where some jazz parts appear in many songs). And gathering these elements together creates an excellent form of music.

The production was done once more by Christopher "Zeus" Harris (the same one who worked previously with REVOCATION itself on "Deathless", HAMMERCULT, QUEENSRYCHE, SANCTUARY and SHADOWS FALL, to name a few), so the sound quality is a perfect mix between an aggressive form of music with a clearness that allows us all to understand what he band is playing. And the excellent cover is a fine piece created by Tom Strom.

The band musical work is excellent, and they have a special guest: Marty Friedman, the same one that played on MEGADETH, had done the solo on "The Exhaltation".

To choose better songs on this album is something truly difficult, but the grasping high adrenaline presented on "Arbiters of the Apocalypse" (with fantastic guitar riffs and excellent drums, and the musical technique is perfect), the great rhythmic conductions created by bass guitar and drums on "Theatre of Horror" (along with excellent guitar solos), the rhythmic greatness of "Monolithic Ignorance" and its aggressive vocals, the avant-garde jazz moments on "Crumbling Imperium", the hooking broken tempos and melodies presented on the instrumental song called "The Exaltation" (obviously, Marty's shredding is something excellent, as always), and the fabulous and bitter "Only the Spineless Survive". But my dear nephews and nieces, their version for SLAYER's "Altar of Sacrifice" is truly amazing, with great guitars, respecting the elements from the original version, but putting their personality on it as well.

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10 / 10









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"Great Is Our Sin" Track-listing:

1. Arbiters of the Apocalypse
2. Theatre of Horror
3. Monolithic Ignorance
4. Crumbling Imperium
5. Communion
6. The Exaltation
7. Profanum Vulgus
8. Copernican Heresy
9. Only the Spineless Survive
10. Cleaving Giants of Ice
11. Altar of Sacrifice (Slayer cover)

Revocation Lineup:

David Davidson - Guitars, vocals
Dan Gargiulo - Guitars, vocals
Brett Bamberger - Bass
Ash Pearson - Drums

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