Lux Morte

Reverence to Paroxysm

A good Old School Death Metal album with traces of Doom Death Metal, showing a band with potential for the future.
November 2, 2023

Old School Metal tendencies did a great favor to Metal: as the bands were trying to bring back old musical formats of the past to life again, it showed to the world that nothing that was done in the past is lost and still works (if one take care when doing such thing, obviously). This is why some Old School Metal bands (from any Metal genre one can think of) are so good to hear, and other seems to need some evolution, and some are just copying what was left in the sands of time. And the Mexican quartet REVERENCE TO PAROXYSM is into an Old School Metal tendency, as shown on “Lux Morte”, the band’s first album. They’re a band that seems to take inspiration of early days of the Second Wave of Death Metal (namely, the years between 1989 and 1993), and especially drinking from the chalice of acts from UK scene as BENEDICTION, BOLT THROWER, CANCER and others, but taking advantage of slow tempos of acts as PARADISE LOST during “Lost Paradise” days in some moments, with a set of low grunts coming from acts as CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Obviously their music is good and show energy and potential, but they need to sharp a bit more their efforts, because they still resembles a lot many other acts that passed by in the past. The band worked on studio with José Padilla (that did the recording, mixing and mastering as well). The focus was to create a raw and bleak sonority in the same way that was created by Tom Morris, Scott Burns, Colin Richardson, Tomas Skogsberg and others. It’s not so bad if one see that this is a Death Metal release, but it could be better. And a better choice for some instrumental tunes would be a wise thing to think about for their next release.

Although these words could grant the readers the idea that the quartet is a bad band, it’s not. Again: they have a massive potential to create music, as shown on songs as “Astray Descent” (it sounds like an Old School Doom Death Metal song in many moments, with morbid ambiences created by the guitar riffs and arrangements), “Burial Absolute” (some very good arrangements and rhythmic passages of bass guitar and drums are shown on this one, creating some good contrasts), “Necropacity” (here some very good faster parts and different tunes on the grunts of the vocals help to improve things), and “Care Data Vermibus”. The band just needs to adjust some points (namely, some shorter time lengths would be welcome, a better use of the vocals to create contrasts, and a production that can improve their efforts), because they’re good.

For now, “Lux Morte” is a fine release for Old School Death Metal and Old School Doom Death Metal addicted fans, but REVERENCE TO PARADOXYSM has potential a lot to present something astonishing in the future.

7 / 10









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"Lux Morte" Track-listing:
  1. Astray Descent
  2. AD Putrefactio
  3. Burial Absolute
  4. Necropacity
  5. Portals to Dark Misery
  6. Care Data Vermibus
Reverence to Paroxysm Lineup:

Antimo Buonnano - Guitars, Vocals
César Sánchez - Guitars
Alan Di González - Bass
Leonardo Cardoso - Drums

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