I really didn’t want to label REALATION as a “thinking man’s” hard rock band, but these guys really know how to dig down deep within their inner self and social consciousness, so the label truly fits.
January 29, 2024

REALATION is a three-piece band formed in Albany, New York in 2020 and have just self-released their sophomore EP “Revealed” on January 1, 2024. They label themselves as “concept based Grunge Alternative metal” and explain their musical expression as “exploring the vital component of the world…yourself, and of course, how your past pain and trauma effect how you deal with others”, and obviously the lyrics are very deep and thought provoking focusing on real world problems, issues and concerns shedding light on subject areas that were either taboo or ignored in the past, or issues that have yet to come to the surface. I reviewed the band’s debut album “What Lies Beneath” back in October 2023 for METAL TEMPLE and was captivated by the brilliant and perceptive songwriting stylings that examine mind-altering world of inner reflection and self-worth all paired with a grandeur balance of hard and melodic riffs, so as I dig into this review with high expectations of soul searching and introspective meditation of a salutary journey.

A soft, warm tone opens “Love Gets Late” giving way to the seductive tempo that briskly takes over as the impassioned vocals emerge wrapped around a rhythmic drum progression and elegant riffs that lay the groundwork for a sabotaged relationship with hard hitting lyrics: “Don't blame me if you can't deal with the way you feel, don't blame me, I sit wrought with complication and self-conceal.” Looks like the boys have picked right where they left off on the debut album with the perspicacious lyrics but the musical composition seems even a little more polished and defined. “Hollow Majesty” is a step up in tempo and melody trending harder with more guitar dominated chops in the forefront as the gritty vocals provide the catalyst of a lustful game of a soul revealing an arising conflict within. “Chase The Ghost” and “Capture” both get back to the heart of true hard rocking songs as the nicely blended vocals of Vincent Lane and Steven Feliciano bonding passionately peppered with the ardent euphonic blasting guitar riffs that create an evocative storyline that capture the abject apathy and sorrow. Ending with a profounding portrayal of deception on “Betrayal Fairytale” brought to life abruptly with the crunchy guitar riffs that override the sultry vocals that once again paint a surreal picture with the poignant lyrics: “And I walk around wounded, hiding behind the pain you sold me, just another bullshit façade, it’s a fantasy and illusion, as choice becomes an obligation, you live your life in desperation.”

As I stated in the opening tag line that REALATION is a “thinking mans” hard rock band, I truly meant that statement with their insanely engrossing and compelling lyrics but I also did not want that to detour from the music this band radiates with a flamboyant whirlwind of hardened and harmonious melodies spewed throughout the album. You really have to listen to “Revealed” initially twice, once to fully inhale the magnificent songwriting and the second time to put all the pieces together and connect the dots of a superb album.

10 / 10









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"Revealed" Track-listing:


1. Love Gets Late

2. Hollow Majesty

3. Chase The Ghost

4. Capture

5. Betrayal Fairytale


Realation Lineup:


Vincent Lane – vocals, bass

Steven Feliciano -guitar, vocals, piano

Matt Loucks – drums

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