Tell me your Secret

Razor Punch

Since some years, Germany has become a warehouse for Rock 'n' Roll and Hard Rock […]
August 23, 2019
Razor Punch - Tell me your Secret album cover

Since some years, Germany has become a warehouse for Rock 'n' Roll and Hard Rock bands, all of them sharing the same DNA that ACCEPT, HELLOWEEN, RUNNING WILD, RAGE and others have, but with a strange feature: they use the German in the lyrics, and it makes everything hard for fans from outside of Europe to get what they're trying to say. But there are some that seems to be breaking this rule, bands as RAZOR PUNCH. And "Tell Me Your Secret" is really a very good album.

They're into a dirty Hard Rock/crude Rock 'n' Roll way, and their work has some doses of weight that are really good. Their music can barely be compared do AC/DC or TWISTED SISTER. Let's say that is filled with a crude energy and based on hooking melodies, great choruses and with an instrumental work that isn't excessively technical, because it's not their focus. But it's amazing that their music can be catchy! The sound quality was conceived to be clean and with defined instrumental tunes, but allowing the band to play aggressive and nasty at the same time. It's not so easy to do such a thing, but it's presented on this album.

Musically, the whole album is a fine piece of fun made music. But no one will stay in the same place as "Love It or Leave It" (a locomotive of the purest Rock 'n' Roll energy, driven by strong guitar riffs), the melodic charm of "Falling Forever" and "Brass Tacks" (this one has a solid and very good work on bass guitar and drums), the musical blow that will smash many earns heard on "Take the Ride", the accessible touches on the melodies of "Can't Get Over It" (even bearing a load of dirty aggressiveness that is really amazing) and "Devil's Game" are playing. It's a massive call to Rock 'n' Roll riot!

Yes, it's just their first album, but RAZOR PUNCH shows that they're on the right path with "Tell Me Your Secret".

8 / 10









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"Tell me your Secret" Track-listing:

1. Love It or Leave It
2. Revolution
3. Falling Forever
4. Brass Tacks
5. Tell Me Your Secret
6. Take the Ride
7. Can't Get Over It
8. Devil's Game
9. Out And About
10. Round Here

Razor Punch Lineup:

Marco Scheiper - Vocals
Thore Eckhoff - Guitars
Tobias Henschel - Guitars
Nico Schult - Bass
Jonny Muller - Drums

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