Welcome Mass Hysteria


Since Thrash Metal roared its way back out from the deepest basements of the underground, […]
October 27, 2018
Razgate - Welcome Mass Hysteria album cover

Since Thrash Metal roared its way back out from the deepest basements of the underground, a large number of bands started to appear throughout the world, taking influences from the different Metal Schools you can think of, especially from US scenes (New York and California) and the German scene. So, it's not a surprise to hear an album as "Welcome Mass Hysteria", the second one from Italian quartet RAZGATE.

We can say that they mix influences from names as KREATOR, TESTAMENT and ANTHRAX, but bearing an essential touch of MOTORHEAD on their musical work (especially in some guitar parts, as you can hear on "Sacrifice/Rebirth"). But don't be afraid: on their music, you won't feel like you're hearing a moldy zombie that crawled up from its grave. No, it's ferocious, nasty and full of energy, but bearing a clear melodic outfit on their songs (especially during the guitar solos). Yes, it's truly good. Tai Fronzaroli worked on the mixing and mastering of "Welcome Mass Hysteria", and helped a lot to build this sharp and heavy sound quality that we can hear. It tries to get some elements from the past, but never trying to sound as they were a Metal band from the 80's. No, it sounds alive, clean, heavy and aggressive in the due proportions. It's not perfect, but it's good.

On their ten songs, the band really will catch more fans, because they're truly good, a name that can growl due the musical talent shown on songs as "Sacrifice/Rebirth" (a very good arsenal of guitar riffs and solos can be heard here clearly, based on Classic Thrash Metal approach like Brazilian band WOSLOM shows as well), the "motorheadian" essence of "Sweetest Poison" (excellent work from bass guitar and drums, creating a very good set of tempos' changes), the excellent rhythms changes and vocal growls on "Welcome Mass Hysteria", the harsh aggressiveness shown on "The Agony is Real", on that abrasive classic Bay Area approach presented on "Light Up the Flame", and on the slashing riffs of "Face of Apocalypse" (where some influences of SEPULTURA can be heard).

Obviously they must sharp their spears a bit more before going into greater things, but RAZGATE is showing that they're on the right path, and is a new name to be respected. Hear "Welcome Mass Hysteria" and be prepared for their fury!

8 / 10









"Welcome Mass Hysteria" Track-listing:

1. Sacrifice/Rebirth
2. Sweetest Poison
3. Welcome Mass Hysteria
4. The Agony is Real
5. Sons of Rage
6. Light Up the Flame
7. Ride for a Fall
8. Skinwalker
9. Face of Apocalypse
10. 1348

Razgate Lineup:

Giacomo "Capo" James Burgassi - Guitars, Vocals
Francesco "Obone" Martinelli - Guitars
Niccolò "Snacchio" Olivieri - Bass
Edoardo "Truce" Natalini - Drums

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