Mankind's Heritage


After a great hiatus after the times that BARON ROJO and OBUS unleashed their heavy […]
May 10, 2016
Raze - Mankind's Heritage album cover

After a great hiatus after the times that BARON ROJO and OBUS unleashed their heavy songs throughout Spain, now new and good bands are appearing on that country. BEAST, ANGELUS APATRIDA and many more are coming, unleashing a violent attack on the world from the underground. And now is time for the quartet RAZE, that comes from La Coruña region, to turn everyone deaf with their aggressive first album, "Mankind's Heritage".

We could say that they are a Thrash Metal band in the same vein from ANNIHILATION and MEGADETH, being heavy and technical at the same time. But they have a more aggressive insight, without tearing apart a strong melodic sense that exists on their guitars. But they have a strong personality, holding ground and keeping a good technical aspect in every single song. And let me tell you, dear nephews and nieces: they can become the greatest name on Thrash Metal scene from their country, because they are pretty good!

The sound quality is in a very good level, indeed. It's because the production gave priority to their melodic and clean side, but without taking out of the whole thing their aggressiveness. The balance between the weight and the aggressiveness is in a very good shape, so their music has all that it needs to be absorbed entirely by our ears.

Their eight songs are all fine, all of them showing that RAZE can be a spearhead for Spanish Thrash Metal in a near future.
But "Bad News" with its hooking tempos and aggressiveness (hear what the guitar riffs are doing and you'll understand what I mean); the explosive and heavy work of the rhythmic session on "L.O.B." (And let me tell you a thing: what bass guitar and drums are playing to keep a certain level of complexity is excellent); the bitter and catching "Evil Waits" with its slower tempos and excellent vocals (a perfect mix between the better moments of Chuck Billy and James Hetfield); the Rock'n'Roll/HC adrenaline that exists on "Raze the Earth" (with fine guitar duets and solos); and the fast and furious "Do You Wanna Die?" (with an excellent work from drums and bass guitar again) can be named as their finest songs on the album.

They have come to oppress and to tame the Thrash Metal maniacs by the heart, so surrender at once. You'll love their work.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Mankind's Heritage" Track-listing:

1. Bad News
2. L.O.B.
3. Evil Waits
4. The Siege
5. Raze the Earth
6. The Church is on Fire
7. Do You Wanna Die?
8. Streets of Wickedness

Raze Lineup:

Macaco - Bass, Vocals
Marcos - Guitars
David - Guitars
Sebas - Drums

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