Wow, this Hard Rock release is a link between the 80s and these days! What a great work!
March 21, 2024

The more a formula on a musical genre is used, the more it becomes eroded and boring. The only way to make things in a way to evade erosion is to have personality and do things on your own, without the thought ‘I-want-to-be-that-band’, which does not work. The world doesn’t need new acts as LED ZEPPELIN, RUSH, DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH, SCORPIONS, ACCEPT and others, because they already did what they have to, and no one can do it again using the excuse of ‘giving-continuity’, because it’s a fallacy! And some bands really seem to understand such idea, bands as RAVENSTINE. “2024” is a very good release to be heard!

The album’s production was done having a clear idea: to build a sonority that could be organic and simple (evading endless digital editions, and to try something that can be reproduced easily on the live shows), but done with care on making things understandable. And things worked on such a way, because the sonority is intense and actual, but organic. The quintet works on a way that is a mix between Hard Rock from the 70s and the 80s with modern touches as well. But one must have in mind that ‘personality’ means that they work things in a way that is actual, fresh and full of energy, not like a zombie risen from its grave. It’s Hard Rock, so it has all those features of the genre (catching melodies, hooking choruses that are easy to sing along, very good groove parts), but working as something new, something with life, and that’s what matters in the end of all.

On the songs, “2024” is a great release to be heard. But for start with it, the main set of songs is “Black is the Brightest Color” (a very good song, with excellent melodies and chorus, and pay attention to the groove given by slapping parts on bass guitar), “Easy Come Easy Go” (lovely melodies and an accessible appeal is heard, with charming guitar riffs and arrangements, and an excellent chorus once more), “Fly Eagle Fly” (wow, this one is truly accessible in a radio-orientated way, but paying attention to the guitars’ contrasts), “Signs by the Roadside” (a deeper and intense song based on Country Rock influences due the contrasts between vocals and acoustic guitars), “In the Light” (another accessible moment with a strong and heavy work on the drums, and what lovely contrasts are heard between vocals and backing vocals), “A Long Way Home” (a catching song with lovely melodies and tons of energy, and what great vocals), and… Stop your own laziness, and pay attention to “Killing Spree”, “When I’m Dead and Gone” and the live version for “Freedom Day” as well (this last one is a bonus song for the CD version of the album)! “2024” seems like a collection of hits!

Accessible and melodically hooking, it’s hard to resist to what “2024” stands for. So praise RAVENSTINE for such an excellent offering!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"2024" Track-listing:
  1. Black is the Brightest Color
  2. Easy Come Easy Go
  3. Fly Eagle Fly
  4. Signs by the Roadside
  5. In the Light
  6. A Long Way Home
  7. Killing Spree
  8. When I’m Dead and Gone
  9. Freedom Day (Live Version)
Ravenstine Lineup:

Žanil Tataj- Žak - Vocals, Backing Vocals
John A.B.C. Smith - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitars
Martin Sosna - Guitars, Vocals
Ian O’Sullivan - Guitars, Vocals, Mandolin
Hanno Kerstan - Drums, Percussions

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