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Well, sometimes in Metal, we find some guys or girls that we look at them […]
February 2, 2016
Rage - My Way album cover

Well, sometimes in Metal, we find some guys or girls that we look at them and think "how I'd like to be like him (her)". Yes, because there are thing on some guys that can inspire us all to find the best on us. And one guy that we could say that his name and figure really can inspire on us all the feeling for what honesty means is from Peter "Peavy" Wagner, a hard worker in Heavy Metal since the first half of the 80's. And now, his gang, RAGE, is back for another assault, called "My Way", the band's latest work.

RAGE was a Speed/Power Metal band from the 80's, but it became more melodic as time passed by. But it never leave their honest way behind, it's just evolution taking its toll. But on "My Way", the band is really recovering much of their features from the 90's, a bit more aggressive than on their latest albums. But as I said above, their main style and honesty is untouched. "Peavy" vocals are still nasty and a bit ironic, as his bass playing is very good as always; the guitars gained more weight and strength on riffs, and the solos are fine (Marcos is really doing a fine work, indeed); and the drums are doing a good and technical work, but with a very heavy grasp.

The sound quality of "My Way" is really perfect. It is heavy, clean and loud as it must be, because the band's work must sound in this way. But what do you, dear nephews and nieces, would expect from a band with more than 30 years on its back? "My Way" is a festival of very good riffs, having as well a heavy work on bass and drums, and a fine singing (hear the song's chorus and pay attention how it is hooking.

You hear once, and will be singing along them on the second time), done in a perfect equilibrium of heavy weight, melodies and technique. "Black In Mind" and "Sent By The Devil" are re-recorded version from 1995's "Black In Mind", keeping their fidelity to the original, but with a more powerful and actual insight. And "Apusto A Ganar" is version for "My Way" singed on Spanish.

"My Way" is a tasteful sample for what is coming on their next album, but to be honest, it makes us all pray for the album comes as soon as possible!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"My Way" Track-listing:

1. My Way
2. Black In Mind
3. Sent By The Devil
4. Apuesto A Ganar

Rage Lineup:

Peter "Peavy" Wagner - Vocals & Bass
Marcos Rodríguez - Guitars & Additional Vocals
Vassilios "Lucky" Maniatopoulos - Drums & Additional Vocals

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