Purveyor of Chaos

Purveyor of Chaos

During the late years of the 70s and early days of the 80s, the Canadian […]
May 31, 2023
Purveyor of Chaos - Purveyor of Chaos album cover

During the late years of the 70s and early days of the 80s, the Canadian Rock School was boiling in a way that gave birth to acts as EXCITER, THOR, HELIX, KICK AXE, TRIUMPH, SWORD, VOIVOD, PILEDRIVER, SACRIFICE, and many others. But it's hard for a Canadian band to get out of the countries' limits, because just a few got recognized and praised (and left underground limits). But still today, the country's scene still shows new good names as PURVEYOR OF CHAOS, and the quartet's first album, "Purveyor of Chaos", is really very good. Their musical efforts are done in a way that crosses traditional Heavy Metal with Hard Rock, but with a mastodonic weight and an outfit that bears resemblances with North American acts as SANCTUARY and METAL CHURCH.

It's full of energy and based upon strong and heavy melodies, with many hooks spread in all the songs. But on the other hand, the band has an actual outfit, showing that they're not living in the past, but are doing things as they want. The band's music isn't aiming to recreate Metal formulas or to reinvent the wheel, but just to play whatever they want with their own personality. And that's enough to breed something really very good to hear. The production was done in a way that could embrace the band's musical work and give it an organic feeling. They really got such thing, with everything sounding as they must, but clearly as the band was playing a rehearsal that was recorded, mixed and mastered. Yes, the band seems to leave aside the modern techs and resources of the studio to give things as simple as they could. And besides it could be better, it's a very good result for a first album.

As the musicians are experienced, the songs of "Purveyor of Chaos" are sounding mature and 'complete' (in the sense that nothing was left aside, nothing extra was taken or put on the songs). And for a first time on the album, check "Four Point Harness" (a strong and heavy song in a traditional Canadian way, with strong guitar riffs and solos and with a charming chorus), "Bitter" (the speed decreases, but the melodic and energetic appeal increases a lot, with many hooks and charming good vocals), "Man of the Cloth" (that brings the quartet's music to a more modern approach, boosted by a strong and heavy artillery of bass guitar and drums), "Purveyor of Chaos" (a heavy and slow song with many North American influences, with vocals sharing similarities with former METAL CHURCH's singer David Wayne), "Burning Desire" (another slower and heavy song, but with some groove parts, especially due bass guitar and drums playing), "Lies in my Bed" (that brings the band to a Hard Rock model similar to the 80's, with accessible melodies and charming arrangements), and "Dead Men Don't Tour".

Of course, "Purveyor of Chaos" is an album that is showing clearly that PURVEYOR OF CHAOS is a promising name of the Canadian Metal scene. Listen to it, and enjoy.

8 / 10









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"Purveyor of Chaos" Track-listing:

1. Four Point Harness
2. Bitter
3. Man of the Cloth
4. Without a Master
5. Purveyor of Chaos
6. 12 Pound Sledge
7. Burning Desire
8. Fake News
9. Lies in my Bed
10. Dead Men Don't Tour
11. Juggernaut

Purveyor of Chaos Lineup:

Maxel Black - Vocals
Bulldog Bess Ross - Guitars
Tenbears - Bass
Fast Eddie - Drums

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