Adjusting the Space


Never, never in your lives try to say that a Metal genre can't evolve even […]
November 11, 2020
Pulse - Adjusting the Space album cover

Never, never in your lives try to say that a Metal genre can't evolve even more than previously it was done. Some said such words in the past, as some Metal genres seemed dead, but then, they came to life again on a new form. It's the driving force of nature acting, the force that is called evolution. And maybe an open mind is needed to hear and accept this fact. And an open mind is extremely demanded to understand what the Australian quartet PULSE is up to with "Adjusting the Space".

Their musical work is a form of Industrial Metal with a Cyberpunk outfit. In reality, their music is a fusion of aspects of Industrial Metal, Dark Trance, EBM and some other features. So it takes some time to hear and digested, but their music is charming, hypnotic and accessible, in a way that many radicals will hate. But for open minded people, this album is really tasteful, especially for those who are addicted on electronic forms of music. The production worked on a form to give this album a clean insight, because their melodic and hooking aspect is the more important. But in middle of Industrial/EBM moments, there are aggressive guitars and some snarls, so be prepared to hear chaos arising. It's a good work, indeed.

As their music is far from being aggressive as MINISTRY plays, or easy to be assimilated as RAMNSTEIN, the band has an entire universe to explore. And they have talent and guts to create something different, as can be heard on songs as "We Won't Come in Peace" (pay attention and some elements from Gothic Rock in the vein of THE SISTERS OF MERCY can be heard, and the vocals are great), "Supersonic Trance Sphere" (the same elements of the previous one can be heard, but with very good synthesizers parts), "New Elastic Freak" (this one is filled with EBM/Dark Trance elements), "Adjusting the Space" (where some sharp riffs can be heard), "Star:Light" (lovely melodies), "Points of Nibiru" (an atmospheric song with charming keyboards), and their personal and electronic version for Peter Schilling's "Major Tom" (an old Pop Music hit, here filled with many Industrial Rock elements).

PULSE is really a different and excellent band, but the fusion they propose on "Adjusting the Space" will cause furious protests from Metalheads with radical points of view. But for those who just want to hear good music without caring about formulas or labels, they will love and embrace this album.

9 / 10

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"Adjusting the Space" Track-listing:

1. X 31' 26'43"N Y 109' 4'30"W
2. We Won't Come in Peace
3. Supersonic Trance Sphere
4. New Elastic Freak
5. Sounds and Signals
6. Adjusting the Space
7. Encounter
8. Star:Light
9. Black Knight
10. Points of Nibiru
11. The Passage Entry
12. Major Tom (cover Peter Schilling)
13. AlienAngel (Zardonic Remix)

Pulse Lineup:

Nemesis (Pulse SETI) - Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Programming
Vidar - Bass, Faded Sonic Screams
Dom - Guitars
Pulsar - Drums

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