Since the beginning of the experimental age in extreme Metal genres, many Metal fans started […]
November 23, 2018
Prognosis - Definition album cover

Since the beginning of the experimental age in extreme Metal genres, many Metal fans started to complain due the distance between the new genres from the old ones. But to create is a need that every man has when dealing with musical matters. So copying isn't a fair or natural thing, it's just stealing the idea of the other. But there are those who have guts and courage to be different, as the English quartet PROGNOSIS, from Manchester. Their first album, "Definition", is a fine example of how talent and creative power can get along and bring us something special.

It's a way into Progressive Death Metal that is very different from the usual, because in the middle of musical brutality and aggressive insight, they show some good melodic and clean vocals parts. To describe in vain words is something hard, and the experience of listening to the album is the best way to deal with it. It's aggressive to the bones in many moments, but deeper, melodic and Progressive on others, but always bearing personality and an amazing energy. The sound quality of "Definition" was built to bring together many different musical features. And they have reached a very good level of quality, because the album's songs sound brutal and nasty, but with a clean sound that allows the listener to understand. And on the melodic technical parts, it's aggressive in the instrumental tunes as well.

"High Road" is thunderous and aggressive, but be prepared for a technical approach using melodic contrasts as well (and what amazing work on bass guitar and drums), as "Echoes" bears fine catching slow parts and amazing moments with clean vocals. On "Downfall", the mix between progressive and nasty moments is amazing, and it presents charming melodies in many moments as well, and the same elements can be heard again on "The Sycophant". Clean introspective parts contrast with harsh and bitter moments on "Waste". And "Drones" presents something near Metalcore elements, but always keeping the progressive approach of the band.

It's different, good, and catchy. So be prepared for PROGNOSIS musical assault on "Definition", and welcome to a new musical world.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Definition" Track-listing:

1. High Road
2. Echoes
3. Isolation
4. Downfall
5. Repentance
6. The Sycophant
7. Legacy
8. Waste
9. Drones

Prognosis Lineup:

Danny Daemon - Bass, Vocals
Phil Weller - Guitars, Vocals
Christian Hickson - Guitars, Vocals
Aaron Youd - Drums

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