Mankind Recall

Posthuman Abomination

Brutal Death Metal is the kind of music made to drill into someone's ear to […]
July 13, 2022
Posthuman Abomination - Mankind Recall album cover

Brutal Death Metal is the kind of music made to drill into someone's ear to shatter the brains to pieces, and this is the reason that it can be hard to one that isn't exactly a fan of the genre to deal with its features. It seems that the foundations set by acts as SUFFOCATION, MORBID ANGEL (on "Covenant" and "Domination" age), CANNIBAL CORPSE (due the extreme low grunts used on their early works) are hard to deal, and it takes time to get used to the genre. So if one can't deal with "Mankind Recall", the second album of the Italian quartet POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION, it'll be no surprise at all.

The quartet really unleashes a violent form of music on this release, showing features that link their music to the roots of the genre, but with some modern influences (as the fast blast beats on the drums). The music was built in a wise way, respecting the genre's features, but inside of the pulses the personality of the musicians. It's brutal and oppressive, but filled with a massive energy and a very good technical approach, and very good low grunts and snarls. The band brought Stefano Morabito to work on the mixing and mastering of this musical carnage called "Mankind Recall". And things work in a very good way, with definition (that allows the understanding of what's being expressed by the band), but with the right tunes to make things appear rough and raw. It's very good work, indeed.

The rhythmic changes and brutal approach used on "Subdermal" (a classic Brutal Death Metal song, with very good contrasts between fast and slow parts, boosted by manic rhythms created by bass guitar and drums); the 'welcome to the slaughterhouse' massive crush used on "Abstracted" (very good technical work again, and what very good low grunts and snarls on the vocals); "Mankind Recall" with its hard and brutal weight, and what good riffing is shown here; the screw driving maniac aggressiveness of "Mnesic" (again a very good set of rhythms, and what good work on the tempos), and the caustic and aggressive ambiences of "Shutdown" are the best ones for s first time on the album.

Once more: it's not easy to deal with "Mankind Recall" for non-used fans, but for Death Metal addicted, POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION is the right band to disturb peace in the neighborhood.

8 / 10









"Mankind Recall" Track-listing:

1. Subdermal
2. Abstracted
3. Mankind Recall
4. Zeroth
5. Muted
6. Mnesic
7. Null
8. Shutdown

Posthuman Abomination Lineup:

Lorenzo Orrù - Vocals
Max Santarelli - Guitars
Andrea Pillitu - Bass
Marco Coghe - Drums

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