Relics of Harmony


When we think about German Metal scene, our minds travel back in time to the […]
May 3, 2015
Phallax - Relics of Harmony album cover

When we think about German Metal scene, our minds travel back in time to the 70's, where it all started. SCORPIONS and LUCIFER'S FRIEND can be named as the pioneers, but ACCEPT released with "Breaker" and "Restless and Wild" the foundations of German Metal. After that, we saw in the eighties and Teutonic invasion, when SODOM, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, RUNNING WILD, HELLOWEEN and many others came and paved the way for many generations to come. And now, as one heir of these bands, comes PHALLAX, a fine quintet with their new album, "Relics of Harmony".

They're a Power Metal band, but in German way. Explaining: they have a good technical approach, but the main feature of their work are songs with good and melodic structures, heavy and elegant, but never creating something so technical that can bore the ears of Metal fans. But even being a Power Metal band, they have some touches of traditional Heavy Metal in their songs. Presenting very good vocals, powerful guitar work on riffs and solos, and a heavy and good rhythmic session, these guys known what they are doing and what they want to get from their musical efforts, in a very good and full of personality work.

The sound quality is fine to their work: clear and heavy in both ways. So, we can really get the best from their efforts to create and offers the public a fine work.

And they really did a fine job!

The album is good as a whole, but they got pretty moments on songs like the catching and lovely "For the Birds" (very good chorus, and a fine job on vocals), the heavy and abrasive "Brainwashed and Blind", the excellent "Elder" with its very good guitar works (both on solos and riffs), the melodic and accessible "Trollinger" (some touches of IRON MAIDEN and HELLOWEEN are presented here, along with the rhythmic session creating very good moments for the guitars exhibit powerful riffs, and another great chorus), and "Dead and His Driver" (once more, the bass guitars and drums are appearing brilliant on this song).

Very good work, indeed.<

8 / 10


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"Relics of Harmony" Track-listing:

1. Little Things
2. For the Birds
3. Jorn
4. Brainwashed and Blind
5. Elder
6. Irresponsible
7. The Pharao's Speech
8. Trollinger
9. Dead and His Driver
10. One Fine Day
11. Fading into Darkness

Phallax Lineup:

Jogi Shure - Vocals
Felix Schurr - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Phil Schulz - Guitars
Fabi Bosch - Bass
Chris Rott - Drums

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