Wounds of Divinity


The Black Metal scenario from the 90's was amazing. Full of passion and without any […]
January 26, 2019
Perverticon - Wounds of Divinity album cover

The Black Metal scenario from the 90's was amazing. Full of passion and without any compromise to fit in any commercial model back then, it were days when MAYHEM, BURZUM, DISSECTION, MARDUK, ROTTING CHRIST and many others released eternal classics of Metal. Today, many bands try to bring back the old atmosphere of those times, but it's a waste of time. But it doesn't mean that you can't play something like that today, and it's what the Swedish trio PERVERTICON is doing on "Wounds of Divinity".

Musically speaking, they gather a lot of influences from earlier Swedish Black Metal, especially from old and good works from DISSECTION and LORD BELIAL, but bearing their own personality. It's aggressive and brutal, but there are slow parts with bitter melodies as well. The trio inherits the Swedish Black Metal spirit from the 90's, but playing and doing things in their own way. So be prepared for a very good set of songs with an amazing and catchy energy. The sound quality of "Wounds of Divinity" is near of some good and harsh productions from the 90's as "Storm of the Light's Bane" and "Kiss the Goat", uniting a very good quality that allows the listener to hear and understanding what they're doing, but with those nasty and crude tunes from the past. And it fits on their musical work in a fine way.

The nine songs of the album are really good examples of what an Old School Black Metal band must do: playing like the old, but respecting the time that they're living in. And the brutal grasp of "Thirsting for Rain" (excellent guitar riffs, indeed), the oppressive rhythm of "An Absence of All but Ashes" (very good bass guitar and drums work is presented here), the graven atmosphere with a melodic bottom of "The Cease of Absolution", the nasty vocals and riffs of "Breath of Sulphur (Aura of Flies)" (a slower song, filled with that graven and morbid essence of the past), and the Old Swedish Black Metal blow called "Holy Gifts from Skinless Hands" are the best moments of an album where is hard to choose best tracks.

"Wounds of Divinity" is truly an amazing work, and for those who know the Old Swedish Black Metal School, this album is for you. And PERVERTICON is another great name of that so fertile scene.

10 / 10









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"Wounds of Divinity" Track-listing:

1. Thirsting for Rain
2. An Absence of All but Ashes
3. Cold Embrace of Sanctity
4. The Cease of Absolution
5. Divine Amusement for Pitiless God
6. The Apostate's Communion
7. Breath of Sulphur (Aura of Flies)
8. Extracorporeal Climax
9. Holy Gifts from Skinless Hands

Preverticon Lineup:

Omnicremationist Supreme - Drums, Vocals
Uncleanest Invictus - Guitars
Necrosadistic Elite - Guitars, Bass

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