Into the Silence


WOW, what a great Heavy/Power Metal offering from these Italian warriors!
April 1, 2024

Music is created to make people feel better, to face the hardships of life with your head up and to enjoy life. If such an idea becomes a truth for people, no one would be caring about this or that Metal genre, and would not be someone who would hear some seconds of an album and put on it a burden that’s hard to be carried by any band. That’s the reason that when dealing with music, patience is needed. And on “Into the Silence”, the third album of the Italian quintet PERSEUS, such thing is needed.

Before going into the details of the songs, it’s needed to pay respects for the production of the album. Yes, things are sounding clear and defined, with all the musical instruments being heard as they must, and with very good choices for the instrumental tunes. And the band brought some special guests to improve the shine of “Into the Silence”: Roberto Tiranti (of LABŸRINTH) on the additional vocals and Aldo Lonobile (of EDGE OF FOREVER, SECRET SPHERE and others, and former DEATH SS and others) on “Into the Silence”, and the additional vocals of Wild Steel (of SHADOWS OF STEEL and WILD STEEL) on “Strange House”, Francesco Cavalieri (of WIND ROSE) on “The Kingdom”, Claudia Beltrame (of DEGREES OF TRUTH and SILENT ANGEL) on “The Picture of My Time”, Marco Pastorino (of EVEN FLOW, FALLEN SANCTUARY and others) on “Defenders of Light”, Max Aguzzi (former DRAGONHAMMER, actually on AGUZZI and HONORABLE DEATH COWBOYS) on “Twilight”, Anja Irullo (former singer of ELEGY OF MADNESS) on “I Believe in Love”, Damnagoras (of ELVENKING) on “Warrior”, and Luca Micioni (of INFINITA SYMPHONIA) on “Cruel Game”.

Now, it’s easier to speak about the band’s musical work: it’s a variant and personal way into Italian Heavy/Power Metal with some Prog Metal refinements inherited from acts as QUEENSRŸCHE and FATES WARNING. The band uses a very good technical level on the instruments, excellent vocals (from silky tunes to higher ones), excellent melodic hooks on every song, catching choruses, and everything else. Obviously some ‘-ten-seconds-hearing’ people will complain and start to compare their musical work with others, but those used to have patience (as described above) will enjoy a lovely and great experience on “Into the Silence” for sure.

After the intro “Clash of the Titans” comes “Into the Silence”, a fiery and strong song with amazing choirs and vocals, and what lovely melodies and chorus (the whole harmonic construction is amazing) that’s impossible to resist (it’s truly a hit, a perfect song for the live shows); on “Strange House”, the speed of the rhythms decreases a bit and some Prog Metal influences are better heard (as well as the weight increases, thanks to the strong work of bass guitar and drums). And “The Kingdom” brings a silky and lovely song with fine keyboards contrasting with the abrasive (yet refined) guitars’ riffs and arrangements.

Some 80s Power/Prog Metal lovely melodies can be heard during “The Picture of My Time” and it’s hard to resist to its melodic appeal and charming chorus (specially due the contrasts between male and female voices). “Defenders of Light” depicts the classical faster appeal of Power Metal contrasting perfectly with melodic hooks, and some moments with low tuned voices. And “Il Labirinto Delle Ombre” is an Italian tender ballad focusing on fine contrasts between keyboards and vocals. On “Twilight” the band shows a heavier appeal (without losing its natural melodic grasp), with thunderous work on bass guitar and drums to support the melodic instrumental sheath (where traces of 80s US Metal can be heard). On “I Believe in Love”, the fans will deal with contrasts between a more introspective and Prog Metal-like appeal with heavier and elegant chorus (and the guitar leads and arrangements are excellent once more, as the presence of female vocals).

“Warrior” presents some epic and folk elements (especially on the vocals), but’s strictly a Heavy/Power Metal song built upon an excellent work of the guitars once more. And “Cruel Game” follows the same way (without the epic and folk touches), but the melodic appeal is hard to resist to, closing the album in a great way. It’s clear that some people would take things into endless unproductive debates to justify their own opinions. But for the patient ones, “Into the Silence” is an excellent release and the tendency is that it’ll take PERSEUS to the next level (it’s impossible to not see them as a greater band in such a way).

10 / 10









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"Into the Silence" Track-listing:
  1. Clash of the Titans
  2. Into the Silence
  3. Strange House
  4. The Kingdom
  5. The Picture of My Time
  6. Defenders of Light
  7. Il Labirinto Delle Ombre
  8. Twilight
  9. I Believe in Love
  10. Warrior
  11. Cruel Game
Perseus Lineup:

Antonio Abate - Vocals
Cristian Guzzo - Guitars
Gabriele Pinto - Guitars
Alex Anelli - Bass
Andrea Mariani - Drums

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