Return to Eden

Pendulum of Fortune

Bands that arise from the hands of experienced musicians must deal with the fame of […]
May 9, 2019
Pendulum of Fortune - Return to Eden album cover

Bands that arise from the hands of experienced musicians must deal with the fame of them on their previous works. It's a heavy burden that no one deserves to carry, because the past is dead, the present needs to be lived fully, and the future is ahead just a few seconds. The best thing to do is to hear the band without worrying with who is playing on it. And this is the case of PENDULUM OF FORTUNE with "Return to Eden".

On the band's lineup you'll find musicians who played on names as MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, ELOY, THE SWEET, PINK CREAM 69, TANK, VOODOO CIRCLE, KINGDOM COME and VANDENPLAS. On their musical work, a fine, heavy and melodic form of Hard Rock/Classic Rock with a high dose of musical influence from the years of the 70s and earlier years of the 80s, but sounding modern and new on all the songs. Their music is based on charming melodies, great choruses and an uncompromised set of musical arrangements that makes their music accessible to non Metal fans. Yes, it's great and really charming to the senses. The sound production had done a very good choice for the songs, because the things were set in a way that the sound flows free, organic and really clear, bearing a very good set of instrumental tunes to make the songs of "Return to Eden" sound fresh and alive.

All the songs are excellent, but the nasty and uncompromised melodies of "Diamond in the Rough", the fine and solid tempos of "We Stand for Rock 'n' Roll" (a great work from vocals and keyboards, and what lovely chorus), their personal version of EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER's "Lucky Man" (these introspective melodies and clean guitars presence are amazing), the fine mix of organic aggressiveness with some Dream Rock melodies of "Return to Eden" (fine bass guitar and drums parts), the tender melodic lines of "Don't Make a Fool Out of Me" and of "Wings of a Dove", the greasy and charming Hard Rock song "Gravy Train", and the heavy and hard atmosphere of "One of a Kind" are their best moments on the album.

The band is really great, so hear "Return to Eden" as loud as you can, and for sure that PENDULUM OF FORTUNE will become an addiction for you all.

8 / 10









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"Return to Eden" Track-listing:

1. Diamond in the Rough
2. We Stand for Rock 'n' Roll
3. Lucky Man
4. Skin and Bones
5. Return to Eden
6. Wishing Well
7. Never Be
8. Don't Make a Fool Out of Me
9. Broken Universe
10. Wings of a Dove
11. Gravy Train
12. Rockanini
13. One of a Kind
14. Bitter End

Pendulum of Fortune Lineup:

David Readman - Vocals
Vladimir Shevykakov - Guitars
Laki Ragazas - Guitars
Matze Ehrhardt - Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
Franky R. - Bass
Bodo Schopf - Drums

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