Rock Evolution

Papa Sierpente

There is a revival of older Metal forms taking place right now throughout the world. […]
August 8, 2016
Papa Sierpente - Rock Evolution album cover

There is a revival of older Metal forms taking place right now throughout the world.

It is dangerous, because some works end up being really boring due the resemblance with the albums from the past. The 70s and 80s were magical times of changes in the world. And Metal, as a social event, followed these changes. So, to try to make these musical styles long gone before severe problems ensue.

Yet some works are so good that they seems to overcome these difficulties. And the Spanish quartet PAPA SERPENTIE, from Murcia, is one of those good names; and their album "Rock Evolution" is truly fine.

On the album, you won't find anything particularly new. It is a mix between traditional Heavy Metal and classic Hard Rock; a style extremely popular in the days of NWOBHM. Their music is full of good melodies and choruses, and good vocal work throughout the entire album; and the instrumental work done is with care. It is really catchy and good, and I believe that it'll get those that aren't so worried with these matters about time or if it is new.

The sound quality is ok. It does a fine job balancing - in an almost perfect way - the needed distorted moments with a fine sense of clarity that allows us all to understand their musical work with no problem. It could be done in a better way - due to some instrumental tunes that could have been recorded in a better way - but it is nonetheless sufficient.

There are some fine melodic vocals with normal tones, and the guitars are creating some very good riffs; the bass guitar and drums too are playing with fine technique and weight. They have a good instrumental technique too, but it is not the highlight of their work. No, their best feature is that their music shows a band playing as one, not as separate musical instruments playing a song of their own, or as a show of individual technique.

The record gives the catchy tempos and choruses on "Rebirth" and on "Angel of Mine" (this one presents very good vocals as well); the excellent guitars on "Face the Truth" (the level of musical accessibility of this song is extremely high, and it has some catchy riffs and solos); the fine work of the bass and drums on "Queen of Hurts" (a very good one, giving weight to the songs); the charming guitar riffs on the heavy and melodic "By Your Side", and the heavy and hooking show of tempos show on "Rock Evolution" can be pointed as the best movements. And there's a very good melody on "Ho Bisogno Di Te" - a melodic and tender version for an old song (don't ask me who recorded it in the past), which it has a deep, melodic AOR scent.

This is indeed a good band.

7 / 10









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"Rock Evolution" Track-listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Rebirth
  3. Angel Of Mine
  4. Face The Truth
  5. This Song Forever
  6. Queen Of Hurts
  7. By Your Side
  8. Sentimental Ship
  9. Tears & Ocean
  10. Rock Evolution
  11. Ho Bisogno Di Te (Bonus Track)
Papa Sierpente Lineup:

Franco Troisi - Vocals
Johnny Lorca - Guitars, vocals
Jorge Nightbreaker - Bass
Jose Carlos Moreno - Drums

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