Breaking Brain


Instrumental music can be boring for many fans, because the ethereal atmosphere of the music. […]
December 11, 2015
Panzerballet - Breaking Brain album cover

Instrumental music can be boring for many fans, because the ethereal atmosphere of the music. And it's sometimes as technical as it can that can make us, mere mortal listeners of music, sleep a snoring sleep. Don't get me wrong, but nowadays, people is not so directly linked to virtuous demonstrations of musical technique or to intricate instrumentals. But there are times when instrumental albums really can be great and catch us by our ears,. And let me tell you all: PANZERBALLET, from Germany, is really amazing, and their newest album, "Breaking Brain", is astonishing.

Fusing elements from Metal, Classic Music, Jazz, Rock and Fusion, their music is heavy and tender, with a giant technical level and intricate melodies, sounding Classical and complex, but with very good taste. But if you're used to Prog Metal or Progressive Rock, or you are an old listener of music, the comprehension of the work can be a bit more easier. It's not easy to understand, but the best albums on Metal and Rock history weren't so easy as well. The mixing of traditional Heavy Metal instruments (guitars, bass, drums) with a saxophone is something really hard to do, but they did, and did it greatly!

The album's production is extremely fine. Yes, Fine, because to record, mix and master a band like this is a very hard work, due the need of having a level of clearness and weight that is above common Metal bands due their musical complexity.

With some long songs (four of them lasting more than 7 minutes), but always with good taste. I dare to name "Euroblast" (a festival of broken tempos, very good Jazz insight, and an acid presence of saxophones), "Typewriter II" (another fine piece of technique allied with good taste, with a whole Fusion atmosphere, presenting great work done by the bass guitar and drums), the heavy catching feeling present on "Smoochy Borg Funk", the multi-variations heard on "FrantiK Nervesaw Massacre" (made with great changes between heavier moments and some Jazz/Fusion ones, presenting good guitar work), and the perfect "Shunyai" (with the guest appearance of Trilok Gurtu, a famous Indian percussionist. The song is full of strange musical elements, with all the band doing an excellent work).

"Breaking Brains" is a bit strange album sometimes, and hard to understand for common Metal fans. But an excellent experience for all, so, exercise your minds, my dear nephews and nieces!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Breaking Brain" Track-listing:

1. Euroblast
2. Typewriter II
3. Der Saxdiktator
4. Mahna Mahna
5. Smoochy Borg Funk
6. FrantiK Nervesaw Massacre
7. Shunyai/Intro [feat. Trilok Gurtu]
8. Shunyai [feat. Trilok Gurtu]
9. Pink Panther

Panzerballet Lineup:

Alexander Von Hagke - Saxophone
Jan Zehrfeld - Lead Guitars
Joe Doblhofer - Rhythm Guitars
Heiko Jung - Bass
Sebastian Lanser - Drums

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