God Only Knows


It's curious that as the Second Black Metal wave spread in the 90's with a […]
June 30, 2022
Pact - God Only Knows album cover

It's curious that as the Second Black Metal wave spread in the 90's with a new and different insight, the greater part of USA Black Metal bands of those days had a different appeal: they used the elements left by Death Metal and Thrash Metal pioneers. It can be heard on works of bands as ABSU and BLOOD STORM, so it's not strange to hear such model being used even today. And the trio PACT, hailing from Pennsylvania, shows this trait on "God Only Knows", their new album.

Their music is a form of Old School Black Metal permeated by influences of Death Metal and Thrash Metal. It's rough and crude, but one can check that their musical work shows a morbid and darkened appeal that's hard to resist (due the use of slow paced tempos that enable the guitars to create that darkened ambiences of the past). It's oppressive and despairing in some moments, but what a Black Metal fan can wait (and long) for? So dive into it, and taste their darkened energy as you want. The production was done in a way to generate a sonority that is filthy and with that Old School appeal of the past, but trying to keep things defined in a way that anyone can understand what's being played. But the tunes used on the musical instruments are crude in the most Old School form one can chose. It's good in the way it is, although it could be better in some ways.

Musically, Old School Black Metal fans will have nothing to complain about, because they really do a very good work on such a way. And for a mere reference, one can check the brutal and darkened appeal of "God Only Knows" (with some slow and oppressive rhythms, using wisely the weight and work of bass guitar and drums), the nasty and fast "Magick Black", the hypnotic guitars on the ambiences of "Awakening of the Nine" (what good use of cleaner tunes of the vocals), the very good and experimental appeal of "Mortal" (a funeral song, and it's not a sin to say that some Groove/Stoner Metal elements can be heard on it), the piledriving fast tempos of "Crucifier", the mastodonic cruel weighty appeal of "Christ Loving Whore", and "Harlot of the Stars" are the right ones (besides the entire album is very good).

Yes, PACT is really a very good surprise, so check "God Only Knows" and enjoy it, especially if you're a Black Metal addicted fan.

8 / 10









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"God Only Knows" Track-listing:

1. God Only Knows
2. Magick Black
3. Awakening of the Nine
4. The Oracle
5. Mortal
6. Jezebel
7. Crucifier
8. Christ Loving Whore
9. Path of Illumination
10. Eternal Black Flame
11. Harlot of the Stars
12. Death Fire Satan

Pact Lineup:

Thoth Atlantean - Vocals, Guitars
Wretch - Guitars
Zagan - Drums

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