Bands from the 80's created a "do or die" insight back then. Explaining: back in […]
November 3, 2018
Outlaw - Marauders album cover

Bands from the 80's created a "do or die" insight back then. Explaining: back in those days, due the harsh conditions, a band would record an album in the best way it could, because it wasn't an easy opportunity to have. So it's pretty weird to see good bands trying to sound in that way. Let's speak the truth: you're in love with the errors and mistakes, not with the music (that would be the right). The Finnish quintet OUTLAW is a fine example of a good band that could be better with the right sound quality, because "Maraunders" commit the mistake of trying to be an album of the 80's.

Their music is melodic and accessible, because it's built upon the same sound from the eighties, a mix of 70s Hard Rock with the energy of bands as JUDAS PRIEST and MOTORHEAD, and some influence from NWOBHM can be heard as well (especially on bass guitar). Their music is fine, and besides it's nothing new at all, they show musical talent, a very good and charming melodic energy that is manifested during their choruses. Musically, we can't say anything negative of them (only that it isn't new).

But once more: the sound quality of an album is the embodiment of the musical work of the band. So a crude sound quality as this, in a way that will remind the fans of the earlier releases of NWOBHM, is a mortal sin. No, it's not a mass of sound that no one could understand, but the need for something organic isn't satisfied like this. It's not bad, but it sound moldy and outdated. Their songs lacks of originality, but aren't bad. Instead of that, they are truly good, as "Hell's Thunder" (very good work of guitars, and they create charming melodies), "Marauders" (this one has those tempos that aren't fast and cause the heads to shake as if there isn't no tomorrow), "Reaper's Tale" (a charming Hard'n'Heavy set of melodies, and very good work from bass guitar and drums), "Tyrants of Ice" (a faster song, with fine vocals and an amazing energy), and "Thunderstone" (another one bearing excellent tempos and catchy melodies) are here to proof.

It's easy to see that "Maraunders" is a good album and that OUTLAW is a band that can be trusted, but they need a better producer on the next release. Maybe Joel Grind can do something that can fuse their search for an organic sound quality with the modern techniques. But as it is their first album, let's hope that their future will shine bright (musical talent for that, they really have).

7 / 10









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"Marauders" Track-listing:

1. Hell's Thunder
2. Marauders
3. Speed Calls
4. Reaper's Tale
5. Heroes of Telemark
6. Tyrants of Ice
7. Vice
8. Thunderstone 

Outlaw Lineup:

Lee Anvel - Vocals
Jimmy Slashburner - Guitars
Simon Shatter - Guitars
John Kaiser - Bass
Johnny Gutter - Drums

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