Last Tribe Standing


Many people always ask "Big Daddy" what was the main feature of metal music of […]
April 6, 2015
Ostrogoth - Last Tribe Standing album cover

Many people always ask "Big Daddy" what was the main feature of metal music of the 80's in comparison of nowadays. The question is, due the invasion of bands trying to resurrect that era, so I always answer the same thing: If you listen to a "Dolly" metal clone, and then to a band from those times, you'll feel it clear. They did (and some are still doing it on our days) what they felt to be right back then, never obeying formulas or rules of how making music. And this idea is the principal source of creation, the main cornucopia from metal. Someone who says that "nothing good in metal was done after the 80s" is a liar, a "Dolly" clone, and a poser. And when you hear a pure breed of metal from the 80s like OSTROGOTH, a legendary band from Belgium, you'll understand what I mean. And I'm truly happy to know that these savages are back to the front and happier to review their new release, the EP "Last Tribe Standing".

Their coming back is the fruit of the iron will from Grizzly (drummer, the only founding member left on the band), and they are keeping their musical identity intact. It's the same Heavy Metal with strong melodies, good technique and high adrenaline songs. If you don't know, on the 80s, Belgium was a country with excellent bands, like KILLERS, FAITHFUL BREATH, CROSSFIRE, a golden generation. And OSTROGOTH is a part of this gang, so be prepared for an attack of very good vocals, excellent guitar riffs (you'll have a clear idea from where MERCYFUL FATE's guitar duo take a great inspiration, but it's due their common influences), technical and heavy rhythmic session, and all with very good taste and catching melodies. It's wonderful! The sound quality is perfect, with Dario Frodo (the band's guitarist and the album's producer) Pete Mush (producer too, and did the mixing and engineering) and Jacob Hansen (mastering) knowing how to bring their music into life. No, time is not a problem, for their music is the very same from the 80s, but with a modern quality, clear and with a heavy grasp.

This EP is a gift, with 4 new tracks recorded, and other four in live versions.

I don't need to say that "No Risk Taken", "Clouds", "Return to the Heroes Museum" (a newer and boosted version for "Heroes Museum", with some differences from the original, being a new song) or "Last Tribe Standing" still have the same power, energy and elegance that the band holds since their glory days, for even having only Grizzly as member from the band's lineup of those times, it's enough to keep the spirit alive. And the band's line up on the live songs "Heroes Museum", "Full Moon's Eyes", "Paris by Night" and "Rock Fever" (all from their first release, the EP "Full Moon's Eyes"). Perfect is a mere word to describe what they really offering.

This EP is great, a gift for the fans, a true slap in the face of "Dolly" metal clones, and a tribute to the memory of Rudy "Whiteshark" Vercruysse, the band's guitarist and one of their founders, who died on last January of cancer.

Rudy lives in OSTROGOTH's music, and is now on Heroes Museum...

10 / 10


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"Last Tribe Standing" Track-listing:

1. No Risk Taken
2. Clouds
3. Return to the Heroes Museum
4. Last Tribe Standing
5. Heroes Museum (Live)
6. Full Moon's Eyes (Live)
7. Paris by Night (Live)
8. Rock Fever (Live)

Ostrogoth Lineup:

Josey Hindrix - Vocals
Dario Frodo - Guitars
Rudy "Whiteshark" Vercruysse - Guitars
Stripe - Bass
Mario "Grizzly" Pauwels - Drums 

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