Hollow World


To mix Stoner Metal and Alternative/Grunge Rock elements is the alchemy used by the quartet to summon good music on their first album.
November 18, 2023

It’s interesting to research and study Metal genres to understand their evolutions and as some elements of the past are important to modern formats. Stoner Rock/Metal is namely an Old School Metal genre, because it’s the use of those organic and nasty elements of the 60s and 70s to create something abrasive and nasty, weighty and melodic as well. Obvious the All-Father of this genre is BLACK SABBATH, but acts as BLUE CHEER, MC5 and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND are important as well. On “Hollow World”, the first album of the Finnish quartet ORBITER, it’s clear their influences, but a bit more is heard. The quartet’s music shows the traits of Stoner Metal that everyone already knows, but in a more personal form, adding touches and influences inherited from acts as ALICE IN CHAINS and SOUNDGARDEN to the mix.

It’s rough, organic, slow paced (putting in evidence the influences of Doom Metal to the genre as well), and oppressive in a way that’s not as usual for the genre. And by the way, the use of female voices creates a very good contrast to the nasty and bitter instrumental work of the band (some tribal touches can be heard on bass guitar and drums, especially on “Raven Bones”). It’s very good, filled with psychedelic and introspective parts and arrangements. “Hollow World” was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (the same one of HIM and APOCALYPTICA), who did the mix as well, and the mastering was signed by Ted Jensen (known for his works with MASTODON and ALICE IN CHAINS). They aligned an organic and rough sonority with a high level of definition, allowing everyone to understand what is expressed by the quartet, but keeping things nasty as well. It’s really a very good work.

“Silence Breaks” (with nasty and greasy chords and a slow paced set of tempos, boosting the lovely work of the guitars), “Beneath” (even slow, this shows a more dynamical set of arrangements, especially on the groove of bass guitar and drums), “Hollow World” (again a song with a strong ‘sabbathic’ adrenaline, with fine arrangements and many melancholic moments), “Raven Bones” (another set of deeper and heavier moments can be heard contrasting with aggressive parts, with very good vocals), and “Last Call” are the right ones for a first coming (and for a first visit on their work as well).

“Hollow World” presents ORBITER for the world, but they have potential to become a pillar for the genre in Europe in a near future.

8 / 10









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"Hollow World" Track-listing:
  1. Silence Breaks
  2. Beneath
  3. Kolibri (instrumental)
  4. Hollow World
  5. Raven Bones
  6. Transmissions (instrumental)
  7. Under Your Spell
  8. Last Call
Orbiter Lineup:

Carolin Koss - Vocals
Alexander Meaney - Guitars
Tuomas Talka - Bass
Sami Heiniö - Drums

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