The Fallen Entities


There are bands that never get what they truly deserve due one single (and fatal) […]
March 1, 2019
Opprobrium - The Fallen Entities album cover

There are bands that never get what they truly deserve due one single (and fatal) fact: they lose the right opportunity. The list of those bands that fans thinks "why in the blazes these guys never had the commercial success they deserve?" is endless, but for those who were about to explode, many loses the timing that a great band must have. An example: IRON MAIDEN on "The Number of the Beast" era played as long as they could even in the worst conditions they had, supporting the album, used videos for MTV. It's not only a matter of talent, but of it being side to side with a hard and heavy work. We could say that the North American group INCUBUS was a promising name on Death Metal scene on the beginning of the 90s, sharing the same space with DEATH and MORBID ANGEL. 1998's "Serpent Temptation" and 1990's "Beyond the Unknown" earned them a lot of attention, but the lack of activity between 1991 and 2000 (when they returned under the name of OPPROBRIUM) frozen down their chances. But it doesn't mean that they couldn't keep things up, and "The Fallen Entities", their new album, is a very good Death Metal piece of art.

They play a traditional form of Death Metal, that same one with bits of Thrash Metal influences from the past. It's the same way you can find on the bands from the earlier days of North American Death Metal scene, with very good rhythmic changes. It's not extreme as modern Brutal Death Metal acts, but it's really good, with a hooking energy coming from their songs. Yes, it's good, indeed. The production of Steffen Boehm made a good work on the album's production, making it sound brutal and aggressive, but clear as well. And the mastering of Patrick W. Engel made the songs shine with the right energy. And by the way, the clearness comes from a modern insight on the sonority, but the tunes of the musical instruments are all old fashioned, creating that raw Death Metal touch.

Musically, their musical work isn't something different from what is heard since the 90's. The difference is made by their personal insight, what makes songs as "Dark Days, Dark Times" (very good rhythmic changes, with a good and simple work from bass guitar and drums), "Creations That Affect" (very good slower parts with aggressive and charming guitar riffs), "Wicked Mysterious Events" (very good hooking parts with nasty guitars and vocals), "Throughout the Centuries" (amazing how the band creates good technical parts, even with a traditional Death Metal insight), and "Obstructive Behaviour" (excellent contrasts between the tempos' changes, again using very good bass guitar and drums arrangements) a feast for Death Metal maniacs.

"The Fallen Entities" is really a very good album, so hear it and bang your head until your ears bleed!

And "eu desejo que meus compatriotas continuem na ativa sempre"!

8 / 10









"The Fallen Entities" Track-listing:

1. Dark Days, Dark Times
2. Creations That Affect
3. Wicked Mysterious Events
4. The Fallen Entities
5. Throughout the Centuries
6. Turmoil Under the Sun
7. In Danger
8. Obstructive Behaviour

Opprobrium Lineup:

Francis M. Howard - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Moyses M. Howard - Drums

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