Visions of Blood and Gore

Onslaught Kommand

This Chilean quartet with such mix between Old School Death Metal and Grindcore influences can cause heavy 'earquakes' on the fans.
April 17, 2024

The greater part of the Chilean Metal School is filled with influences of Old School Metal genres, especially when thinking about extreme Metal ways. It’s obvious that such hypothesis it’s not enough to guarantee if a band is good or not, you must hear and say it yourself. And here is a quartet from Santiago, ONSLAUGHT KOMMAND, with its new release, the EP “Visions of Blood and Gore”. The Old School appeal on their work can hide from the hearers an interesting aspect of their musical work: it’s a mix between of older ways of Black/Death Metal (in a similar trend to SARCÓFAGO and BLASPHEMY) with Death Metal, Grindcore and Hardcore elements (the later one traces are clear on “Visions of Blood and Gore”).

But even sounding nasty and Old School, the quartet’s music is truly good and can show many surprises to the fans. The EP was recorded and mastered in Abysm of Burning Corpses, Santiago (Chile), and the filthy and rough musical outfit used has a charm to fans of Old School extreme Metal ways. But pay attention: even being raw, one can understand what’s being played by the quartet, so it’s a good way to cause earthquakes and landslides on Chile. And the art of Brian Paulin (artwork) and Paweł Ozon (layout) shows not only their Old School Death Metal side, but a kind of politically incorrect appeal.

“Old Death Ripper” is a mix between Death Metal and Griundcore elements, with many extreme Metal hooks being used on the guitars. On “Headless”, the band goes on the opposite way from the previous one due the use of nasty and slow paced tempos, what depicts the solid work of bass guitar and drums. And “Visions of Blood and Gore” is a typical live hit, because this mix between Hardcore and Grindcore elements using extreme guttural grunts of Death Metal is really very good. To show their commitment to Old School ways, they unleash a filthy and extreme version for “Dead Body Love”, an old hymn of PUNGENT STENCH (that can be found on the Split EP of the trio with DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, released on 1989).

For now, one can say that ONSLAUGHT KOMMAND still holds potential to be turned into good music. But be sure that “Visions of Blood and Gore” is a ‘must have’ item for Old School Death Metal fans.

8 / 10









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"Visions of Blood and Gore" Track-listing:
  1. Old Death Ripper
  2. Headless
  3. Visions of Blood and Gore
  4. Dead Body Love
Onslaught Kommand Lineup:

SplatterHate - Bass, Vocals
Necromancer - Guitars
Behemot - Guitars
Cvnthvnt - Drums

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