Omega Sun

A fine new way for Stoner Metal/Rock with a touch of Alternative Rocn can be found on this band's music.
November 18, 2023

The coming of Alternative Rock tendencies in the late years of the 80s can be said as one of the reasons for Heavy Metal losing its place in North American musical charts in the early days of the 90s, but one can say that it brought some incredible bands into the new tendencies. Acts as SOUNDGARDEN, MONSTER MAGNET, KYUSS and others are influences for some acts today, as the Slovenian trio OMEGA SUN. This is clear on “Roadkill”, their new album. The music is filthy and abrasively full of groove, with fuzzy distortion entwined by ethereal and psychedelic parts (anyone can hear them clearly on “Survive”), but their nasty melodic appeal is hard to resist to (pay attention on how their choruses are really charming).

Of course, such a formula was used many times before, but in the hands of Igor, Aris and Sebastian, the band’s music receives a breath of new life and identity, and with an young and savage energy. But beware of the ears, because this trio creates a hooking form of music that can rip the eardrums of anyone to shreds. “Roadkill” was recorded at Ostudio6 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia in 2022, with Igor Kukanja (the band’s bassist/vocalist) taking care of the mixing and mastering, and with sound engineering and recordings by Žan “Cigo” Brešan (and additional engineering of Teo Orlando). The idea: to create and organic and abrasive sonority that can make the musical instruments have definition as well. And they did a great work, for the album sounds solid and fuzzy, but in a comprehensible way that can be said ‘for dummies’ (in other words, no one can say that can’t understand what’s being played).

Musically, “Roadkill” can speak on its behalf: it’s really charming and filled with dirty and hooking melodies, as can be heard on “The One” (charming vocals can be heard under the heavy and filthy instrumental sheath), “Black Dust” (the guitars are sounding bitter and catchy on its very good riffs, indeed), “Survive” (some ethereal and lysergic elements inherited from BLACK SABBATH’s “Vol. IV” can be heard on this one), and “Early Morning”. But the entire album is a lesson of how playing Stoner Rock/Metal without problems and in a spontaneous way.

For now, one must pay attention to OMEGA SUN’s music, and must hear “Roadkill” at any cost.

8 / 10









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"Roadkill" Track-listing:
  1. The One
  2. Black Dust
  3. Survive
  4. Another You
  5. Early Morning
  6. Doomer
Omega Sun Lineup:

Igor Kukanja - Vocals, Bass
Aris Demirović - Guitars
Sebastian Vrbnjak - Drums

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