Mysterium Iniquitatis


Even after all the evolution that Black Metal had since its commercial outbreak that happened […]
January 17, 2022
Ofermod - Mysterium Iniquitatis album cover

Even after all the evolution that Black Metal had since its commercial outbreak that happened back on 1994, there are bands that prefers to have an outfit that is linked to the past, to the years where magazines had problems to deal with the genre and its musicians, and all those polemics (it was a magical age for the genre, but these acts as the burning of churches and murders could be left out of the question). And Sweden had a great importance in the rise of the Second Wave as well, and this can be the reason for names as OFERMOD are still rising there. One bit on "Mysterium Iniquitatis" will show what these words mean.

Their musical work is based on an Old School Swedish Black Metal, with a somber and malignant expression. It's harsh and crude, in a form that anyone that knows the early works of MARDUK, DISSECTION and LORD BELIAL will understand. In other hand, the band's music isn't sounding 'outdated' in any moment, because they use their identity to make things gain life and energy. And be prepared, because their songs are filled with many Black Metal hooks that can seduce the listeners easily. The band worked with Magnus "Devo" Andersson (the former MARDUK bass player, and he recorded the bass parts as well) to work on the production, creating something that is bitter and crude, but in a way that can be understood by everyone. And what very good and harsh instrumental tunes.

8 dark and aggressive songs are presented here, and it's a delightful album for all those Black Metal fans that love the old ways. And the best ones to be introduced to the band's work are "Mysterium Iniquitatis" (fine contrast between aggressive fast parts with somber introspective moments, and what very good guitars), the bitter and morbid "Inax Ya Lil" (the slow and solid rhythms show that bass guitar and drums are playing in a solid form), the brutal weight and morbid ambience heard on "When the Blacksmith Killed the Shepherd", the catchy Old School Black Metal that is presented on "Arteria Uterina", the bitter and oppressive "Sacrosanctus" (very good slow parts), and "Poraios De Rejectis". But "Consecration" and "Loyal to Belial" are very good songs as well, in the same level of the others.

Yes, OFERMOD did a great work on "Mysterium Iniquitatis", and it can be said that the old Black Metal flame still burns in their music, but with a new and fresh expression.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Mysterium Iniquitatis" Track-listing:

1. Mysterium Iniquitatis
2. Inax Ya Lil
3. When the Blacksmith Killed the Shepherd
4. Arteria Uterina
5. Sacrosanctus
6. Poraios De Rejectis
7. Consecration
8. Loyal to Belial

Ofermod Lineup:

Nebiros - Vocals
Belfagor - Guitars
Magnus "Devo" Andersson - Bass (session)
Calle Larsson - Drums (session)

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