Nexion Chaos


I say it time and time again: Metal is a stronghold of culture. Obviously, some […]
January 3, 2016
Ocultan - Nexion Chaos album cover

I say it time and time again: Metal is a stronghold of culture. Obviously, some other musical styles are it as well, but on Metal, cultural protection and themes become militancy. That happens due the rebel feelings we all have against old formulas and laws. That's the main reason for this phenomenon. Here in Brazil, there are very good bands using themes on their music that preserves culture, and one that stands proud of it is the Black Metal quartet OCULTAN, from São Paulo, known throughout the world for Black Metal fans, and now, they return once more with their new album, "Nexion Chaos".

They play a somber and aggressive form of Black Metal, with some influences from Death Metal here and there. What turns their music different is their emphasis on hooking riffs (we can say that Lady Of Blood is one of the best extreme guitarists from Brazil), a good and technical work on rhythmic kitchen (Kazoth Bey and Malus are newcomers, and they are really doing a fine work, giving the band a diversification on the tempos), and Count Imperium is singing in his best form, using very good shrieked voices along with guttural tunes. The band is on their peak of musical technique, as well as on their finest and fiercest creative moment.

Their cultural feature is on their lyrics: their main focus is on Exu, a spiritual entity from Quimbanda cults, a heritage from ancient African cults that exists on Brazil. Now, their lyrics gained some elaboration. Their sound quality is raw and dirty as a band like them must have. But the work done by Count Imperium on mixing and mastering made their songs sound clearer than on their past works. And this balance between their musical roots and a clear sound created something different than the usual. And the artwork is really a fine piece of Black Metal artwork. Every single one of the album's seven songs are excellent.

"Exu Lord Of Fire" shows perfect rhythmic changes (so we can feel the power of bass and drums), along with excellent vocals and deadly guitars. "Reino da Morte" is a morbid and somber song, filled with a depressive and intense atmosphere created by the sinister chords from guitars and grunts, again showing a good contrast between fast and slow moments. On "The Essence Of The Oposser", we become hooked, because the guitars are creating excellent riffs again, but with a more traditional rhythmic work.

Filled with excellent rhythmic changes and great arrangements on drums, "Mother Of Chaos" is bitter, slow and presenting a very good work on bass guitar. "Tehom" is a song with traditional tempos (in terms of Black Metal, please), and we can fine another great moment from the vocals. One great moment of the album is presented on Perdition", a sinister and hooking song, adorned with excellent morbid guitars and fine work from rhythmic session. Ending the album with brimstone key comes "Dissolução Do Universo", a chaotic and nasty song, with funereal melodies on guitars and agonizing harsh voices.

Once more, OCULTAN shows that they are one of the pillars of Brazilian Black Metal, and to be honest, South America is becoming small for their work.

10 / 10


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"Nexion Chaos" Track-listing:

1. Exu Lord Of Fire
2. Reino Da Morte
3. The Essence Of The Oposser
4. Mother Of Chaos
5. Tehom
6. Perdition
7. Dissolução Do Universo

Ocultan Lineup:

Count Imperium - Vocals
Lady of Blood - Guitars
Kazoth Bey - Bass
Malus - Drums

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