Fleshvoid to Naught

Obscuring Veil

Some Metal albums are so full of minimalism and built with an experimental approach that […]
April 27, 2019
Obscuring Veil - Fleshvoid to Naught album cover

Some Metal albums are so full of minimalism and built with an experimental approach that is hard to understand what the band is up to. And the truth is: the more intricate the music is, the harder it will be for the listeners to assimilate it fully. And OBSCURING VEIL, an international effort with musicians from different countries, comes with "Fleshvoid to Naught", an album that will try the senses of all listeners.

The album offers to the fans a fusion of Black Metal with an experimental/Doom Metal approach and many musical experiences, agglutinating elements of Dark/Ambient Music, Jazz, Progressive Rock and other genres that aren't easy to name here. It's like fusing SHINING (from Norway) and BEHERIT with VED BUENS ENDE in some moments, but this simple comparison isn't fair with everything that the band's musical ideas express on their songs. It's not technically exaggerated, focusing their efforts into something that is depressive, but filled with the experimental insight mentioned above. It's weird sometimes, but it's not bad when the listener gets used to it.

The musical conception of the band matches with the sound quality that "Fleshvoid to Naught" presents: dirty and raw, but it can be understood without great efforts (besides it could be better). It's like hearing the old Black Metal acts from the beginning of the 90's with some avant-garde elements. "Abstraction" and "Obfuscation" can be faced as intros used for the long nightmares made music of "Do You Want to See the Knife I Used?" (if the listener pays attention, will hear many different elements, as haunting voices, Jazz like tempos and strange funereal grunts rising from nowhere, but it's hypnotizing in many moments) and "Spirit Me Away, O Murdered Star" (another obscure and charming festival of different darkened ambiances).

As it is a very difficult album to be digested, it's a matter of listening to "Fleshvoid to Naught" carefully to say if it will satisfy the fans or not, because it deserves it.

8 / 10









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"Fleshvoid to Naught" Track-listing:

1. Abstraction
2. Do You Want to See the Knife I Used?
3. Obfuscation
4. Spirit Me Away, O Murdered Star

Obscuring Veil Lineup:

Kabukimono - Vocals
Matron Thorn - Guitars, Vocals
H.V. Lyngdal - Bass, Piano
Maurice De Jong - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Jarle Byberg - Drums

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