Mors Janua Vitae


Well, when you have some bands with long lives and greats amounts of experience, of […]
April 24, 2015
Obduktion - Mors Janua Vitae album cover

Well, when you have some bands with long lives and greats amounts of experience, of course some can think that they have little to offer in terms of music. But sometimes, my dear nephews and nieces, some bands can really astonish you a lot. That's the main reason your Ol' "Big Daddy" here always says: if you have some convictions that do not fit in reality, throw them always from you. You can't become a slave of your own opinion. That must be the way of thinking you must have when dealing with bands like the Greek quartet OBDUKTION. Yes, they on the front since 1995. Twenty years in service of Metal, and now they come with a two song EP, "Mors Janua Viate", and they are really up to surprise some extreme Metal fans.

We can say that they are a Death Metal band in the vein of the ancient ones that came from Sweden and Netherlands (especially ENTOMBED and SINISTER), being brutal and fast, but with very good tempos. Grunted extreme vocals, very harsh and good guitar riffs (with some good solos, where melodies are not torn apart from them), bass and drums getting together in a heavy and thunderous rhythmic kitchen. But even after twenty years of activity, they still have some surprises for us all. But maybe it's a feature of Greek Metal bands.

The sound quality is clean and heavy, but it has that raw touch that Death Metal of the old school bears with pride. To the, it's an important and essential part of their musical work.

Two songs are not enough to make a good analysis, but we must say that, besides they show the band's personality, one of them has some interesting features. The second track, "Lordship of Superior", can be pointed as a traditional Death Metal song, having very good work done by the drums and the bass guitar, with a not so fast pace, but has weight and aggressiveness enough to make heads shake and necks ache. But on the first one, "Kings of Terror", we see some melodic and not fast moments arising, presenting very good and melodic guitar work, along with guttural grunts. And these moments and melodies do not fit very well in the old school narrowed mind Death Metal Metalheads, but "Big Daddy" here saw a new way opening for them, to create a bridge between the old and good Death Metal from the 90s to nowadays ways of playing the genre.

The band is doing a massive and hard attack on the EP, but I hope an entire album is on the way soon.

8 / 10


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"Mors Janua Vitae" Track-listing:

1. King of Terror
2. Lordship of Superior

Obduktion Lineup:

Takis V.O.T - Vocals
Obduktor - Guitars
Kostas - Bass
Giannis - Drums

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